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This is a sponsored post. Much of the time when traveling, renting a car is inevitable. But when searching for a rental car, price isn’t the only factor you want to consider. One main consideration is the type of car you will be driving, and oftentimes, rental car sites don’t provide much information in that department. Enter Cars.com, which you can use not only to purchase a new car, but research rental cars so you are well equipped on your travels.

On car rental sites, you can often finds discounts on various class of cars. But if you are traveling, especially with your family or a group of people, you want to make sure your rental is equipped with the things you need. Factors to consider are space, trunk capacity (for luggage of course), safety, and gas mileage.

All of these things can make or break your trip. You don’t want to rent a car and get to the lot, only to find out there isn’t enough space for all of your family members or all of your luggage. Many rental car sites provide vague guides on the size of vehicles, but this is something that can be researched much more extensively on Cars.com. Additionally, Cars.com seems to provide honest reviews of cars, which can help you make your decisions before you rent. They have posts and videos that show you the interior of the vehicle and give in depth information on design and safety.

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And for parents of young kids, Cars.com can prove to be a valuable resource. Often times, not only do you rent cars, but also car seats. Cars.com has done extensive work with car seat checks, and can provide insights as to different types of car seats that you end up using that you may or may not be familiar with. Doing your homework ahead of  time can save you stress while on your travels.

So if you are renting a vehicle and need to make sure it will work for your trip, Cars.com may be a good place to start with getting the low-down and reviews on various cars, which is lacking on many car rental websites.



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