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Packing Essentials for Vegas: One Bag or Bust

Las Vegas is a great city for a weekend (or long weekend) getaway. You get in, you have fun, you get out. Oftentimes visitors try to pack light when making the trek to the desert, but how do you accomplish that in a city that stays jumping until the wee hours of the morning? You bring your Vegas essentials and minimize the rest. Here is a list of packing essentials for Vegas so that you can accomplish the trip with one bag…and not bust.

Comfy, Flat Shoes

Ladies, I know you want to be cute, especially at the clubs at night. That’s a given. But bring your comfy, flat shoes for the day. Vegas is a huge city for walking, be it in the casinos or along the Strip. And while those huge casinos look close, please believe that is an illusion. The walk is much longer than you think, and the last thing you want at the end of the day is to be limping up the Strip, drink in hand. It’s not cute.



Sundresses and maxi dresses are clutch when traveling everywhere, but especially in the Vegas heat. Loose-fitting, cool materials are the way to go in the desert. Plus these dresses transition beautifully from day into the evening.


Lucky Underwear

Or whatever your lucky item is. Vegas is a city where you rely on luck. And you will need all of the luck you can get, so pack your luckiest items.


Travel-Size Liquor

This is a travel necessity for me in life, not just for Vegas. Whenever I am going to a destination where the drinks promise to be expensive, I bring some travel-sized bottles for the trip. The best part is that you can bring them in your carry on if they are less than four ounces, which most are. If you are gambling, you get free drinks, but these are still a clutch item.


Vegas Custom Checklist Tyra packing essentials for vegas


This should go without saying. I don’t advocate gambling away your rent money, but cash is king in Vegas. Be sure to have enough to have a good time. But don’t bring more than you are comfortable losing. There’s a reason they say that the house always wins. (Oh, and be sure to have small bills for tips!)



Or whatever super-duty medicine you use for headaches (or hangovers if you are so afflicted). I use Excedrin Migraine when I feel a headache coming on. Vegas nights are long but the mornings are much longer if you don’t have your antidote of choice.


Cross-body bag or fanny pack

When in the casinos playing the slots or tables, you want to be comfortable with your hands free. A huge purse doesn’t facilitate that ease but a cross-body bag or fanny pack does. Not to mention, who wants to be in a crowded club with a huge purse that she has to keep up with.


Gambling for Dummies

Self explanatory, right?


Driving Tunes

If you are making the drive to Vegas, then you must make sure you have some dope tunes for the ride. Traffic can get thick and radio can get spotty, so make sure you have some great roadtrip tunes lined up for the drive both ways.


Packing Essentials for Vegas

So there you have it, packing essentials for your upcoming Vegas trip. Sound off: what are your Vegas essentials that you can’t leave home without?

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23 comments on “Packing Essentials for Vegas: One Bag or Bust”

  1. My thing is how much cash will I need in vegas because I am afraid I will go broke lol. Great list I may take a trip this year for my birthday because what goes down out there….stays out there

  2. Lucky underwear! Hahahaha. That’s a great advice!
    I haven’t been to Vegas but heard so many fun things about it. I’m the unluckiest person in the world though so I don’t think there will be enough “lucky items” for me to bring to work it my way. Not gonna risk it. Will be bookmarking this though just in case. :p

  3. This is an awesome list! I made one as well, and it’s so interesting to see what different people consider essential for Vegas. There’s so much to do – there’s something for everyone.


  4. Vegas is such a fun city. I don’t go to gamble. I shop, go to shows and dine in amazing restaurants. It does get very hot, so sundresses are perfect attire. I am always amused to see wonen walking the Vegas strip in skyscraper stilettos when they know their feet hurt…LOL

    1. Ariel, I love Vegas for the foodie scene. In fact, I just did a post today on a new fondue restaurant in downtown Las Vegas called F. Pigalle! I also love Giada de Laurentiis’ restaurant on the Strip and Border Grill for brunch. Check out the foodie section of my blog and/or search Vegas, because I am there a lot!

  5. That’s a pretty accurate list for traveling to Vegas. However, I don’t know if I can do it all in one bag. I may need to try it when I go on my next vacation.

  6. LOL..this list had me cracking up. We went to Vegas for our honeymoon and need to make a trip back. As chronic over packers, this will be a challenge that I’m up for. Vegas is definitely not the place to be lugging extra stuff around.

  7. Vegas is so much fun! I would just add go with people who will have fun and not downers. Theirs nothing like a get away with a constant complainer. Lol. List was on point needless to say.

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