Off the Beaten Strip: Rhythm Kitchen in Las Vegas

When in Vegas, the Strip is the center of the experience. But the local experience is often where you can find some great gems. And Rhythm Kitchen Seafood & Steaks fits the bill.

The restaurant features a New Orleans theme with excellent Cajun food. I first tried this place a couple of years ago when stumbling upon it looking for a furniture store. And recently, I attended Rhythm Kitchen’s Food and Wine Dinner. It did not disappoint.


At the Food and Wine dinner, we had an array of food and pairings. My personal favorite was the Blackened Chicken Salad with a Pineapple Mango Salsa. It was absolutely divine! The spices of the blackened chicken paired perfectly with the sweetness of the mango.

I also loved the crab cake topped with Crawfish Etouffee. The Etouffee was spicy and had big chunks of crawfish. Served over rice, it was delicious and filling. The main course was also decadent: A lamb chop served with a Cabarnet Demi and Bacon Brussel Sprouts. Yum, yum, yum. And the sweet potato fries. Yum.

But I have had other dishes that were also excellent eats. The Blackened Chicken Pasta was excellent and the place has great appetizers. Not to mention the ambiance is upscale but fun. The dining room features classically dressed tables but there is an air of fun. An air of… New Orleans Saints Football! This is a great place to catch the game if you are a Saints fan and enjoy Cajun eats.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 6.10.28 PM

And if a bargain is what you are looking for, Rhythm Kitchen has various All-You-Can-Eat specials. Sunday night is the catfish fry; Tuesday night is unlimited crab legs; Wednesday is Baby Back Ribs, and Thursday is Shrimp night. I am definitely going to have to come back from crab legs and shrimp.

So next time you are in Vegas, explore past the Strip, and check out Rhythm Kitchen. You’ll love the food, the vibe, and the fun.

Last photograph is courtesy of Rhythm Kitchen Seafood & Steaks. 


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  1. I am expecting a place with that type of name to have me dancing while eating my food lol. Love the name and when I get to Vegas I will be dancing my way there

  2. Somehow I manage to make it out to Las Vegas each year. I can’t wait to try this restaurant. All of the things you described sounded delicious! I will have a hard time choosing between lamp chops and seafood 😉

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