Luxe Dahra Spa Bangkok Review

Thailand is known for its massages, and in many instances you can find spas sprinkled throughout the city. But if you want an upscale spa still at a fraction of the cost of a similar service in America, then Dahra Spa is your spot. They treated me to a complimentary, lovely spa experience for my birthday in Bangkok. Here is my recount of the birthday treat and Dahra Spa Bangkok review.




Dahra Spa has two locations in Bangkok: the Silom branch and the Sukhumvit branch. In fact, they plan to open a third branch this year.

I will note that Bangkok traffic is absolutely ridiculous, so give yourself more than an hour to get there so you will have enough time to make it and not be rushed like a crazy person (like we were).

We visited the Sukhumvit location, which is right on a major road with a number of hotels along it to make for a very convenient location.


The Vibe

Although the outside of the building is very unassuming, but it has beautiful floor-to ceiling windows. When you walk in, the lights are dim, starting the process of relaxation. Because we arrived late we didn’t get to lounge before our treatments but it the ambiance was calming as soon as you walked in the door.

The table in the lobby is adorned with beautiful flowers and both tea and water are served.

Some of the massage rooms are upstairs, giving an added layer of seclusion. Once you walk in the massage room, you will be struck how big and spacious the room is. While simply appointed, one of the beast features is that the massage room had both a shower and a sink in the room. This is convenient if you are coming from the sticky Bangkok heat, as you can grab a quick shower in the room before your treatment and you don’t have to worry about a communal locker room.


The Massage

My first service was a 90-minute Aromatherapy Massage. It was magical. My masseuse applied quite a bit of pressure to work out my knots, but somehow it was perfect. She thoroughly worked my whole body, but especially my upper back and shoulders.

But somehow even with my knotty, tense back, her smooth strokes managed to lull me to sleep at points. It was the perfect combination of relaxing and therapeutic, and after the rip-and-run trip we had, it was totally necessary. I felt completely relaxed when I left.


The Foot Care

After my massage, I also opted for the Foot Spa Treatment. The two-hour treatment includes a foot scrub, cream milk treatment, an aromatherapy foot massage, and a pedicure.

Whoa mama, it was good!

I had heard of the magic of a Thai foot massage, but I hadn’t experienced it for myself. This treatment had me wondering why I waited so long.

I think sometimes we fail to realize the abuse our feet take. Though I am probably more acutely aware than most (I have flat feet so they generally hurt more than the average amount no matter what type of shoe I am wearing), it was so amazing to have someone focus solely on my feet, and not just for a pedicure. Soaking, scrubbing, cleaning and massaging my feet was just what I needed after 10 days of ripping and running all over Southeast Asia. And all for the equivalent of $44 USD. Yes, you read that right: $44 for two hours of foot heaven. My only regret was not getting a foot massage at Dahra at outset of my trip as well.


Overall Dahra Spa Bangkok Review

I left Dahra Spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. I came in running late and super rushed and I left totally zenned out. I highly recommend taking the time to get a little upscale luxury at Dahra Spa. I definitely don’t regret it!

Dahra Spa treated me to a complimentary spa but all opinions are my own. 


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22 comments on “Luxe Dahra Spa Bangkok Review”

  1. I am love to pamper myself and i think a vacation with self love and pampering is what i need. Thailand has officially been put on my bucket list 2018. Nothing beat the feeling aftera good massage.

  2. I’m in a travel group and one of the ladies mentioned that she got an amazing massage while in Thailand. The pictures I’ve seen of Thailand are absolutely gorgeous. A 2 hour foot treatment sounds divine! I love having my feet soaked and scrubbed. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. The best massage I received was in Thailand. I’m going to save this for my next visit. We did massages at our resort in Kanchanburi , but having options in Bangkok is good too. Great review.

  4. Sounds like you had a good experience in Bangkok. I’m in desperate need of a massage. I’ve never had a foot massage at a spa. I do always fall asleep though.

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