How I Did It: Overnight Getaway in Vegas on a $250 Budget

With Vegas being an easy quick hop from SoCal, there are many ways to have a quick getaway without breaking the budget. But even from other locations, Vegas can be an inexpensive getaway if you plan it right. Check out how I did Las Vegas on a $250 budget, total.

Flights: Virgin America, $80.20 Round Trip

I hate driving to Vegas. I will do it very occasionally, but when you can find a reasonable flight deal, why subject myself to 4-5 hours in the car for no reason? And you can get cheap flights from all over the country if you play your cards right. For example, a couple of weeks ago, major airlines were offering flights across country. One could get from Chicago to Los Angeles and other west-coast cities for $80 round-trip. Even if Vegas wasn’t a city with a discount, you could pair that $80 ticket with a cheap $80 round-trip from LA to Vegas. If you are flexible, this can afford great savings.

I decided to hop on this deal when I saw it pop up. I also decided to take the swanky, Vegas-esque route, so I hopped on Virgin America, a hip and chic airline perfect for a trip to Vegas. My flight was $80.20 round-trip during that huge fare sale.


Hotel: Planet Hollywood, $145.01 including taxes and resort fee

There are a number of inexpensive, 4-star hotels on the Strip for the picking. For the concept I was going for, I went with Planet Hollywood, which is centrally located, because of its hip vibe.

My friend and I paid a bit more for a room with two queens and we split the cost. So really, each of us paid $72.51 for a place to crash after our night on the town in Vegas. And Planet Hollywood was in the middle of the road, price-wise. There were many less expensive options.


Parking: LAX Airport $12.60 including taxes

In Vegas, parking is free. But to get there I used one of my trusted parking sites, CheapAirportParking.org. The key to avoid paying $30 a night is to book ahead of time on CheapAirportParking.org, and print your receipt to bring when you park to lower the rates considerably. This is actually on the high side for parking, as usually I can find valet parking at the hotels near LAX for about $10. But given last minute parking notice, this was reasonable.

CheapAirportParking.com services other airports (not just LAX) including Burbank, Atlanta, O’Hare, Fort Lauderdale, all three major NYC airports, Reagan (DC), Orlando, Philly and San Fran, among others. And bonus tip: Use the promo code “CHEAPISM” get an extra $5 off your parking reservation.


Dinner: $50 per person

It’s Vegas and a foodie (not to mention drink) city, so let’s estimate about $50 per person as a nice, round figure.

Vegas 1

Grand Total: $215.31

Virgin America Flight:                                               $80.20

Half of Planet Hollywood Room:                              $72.51

Dinner:                                                                       $50.00

Airport Parking:                                                        $12.60

That leaves about $35 bucks for additional drinks to stay within a $250 budget. Of course, gambling money is not included, LOL.

Ready, set, go!


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31 comments on “How I Did It: Overnight Getaway in Vegas on a $250 Budget”

  1. Nice. That was a good overnight getaway for a great price. I wish I could find a cheap trip out there but coming from DC, I would have to stay for more than one night

  2. OMG I just came from Vegas and I wish I could get away with that amount! This is a perfect budget for someone who lives near Cali…in which I wish I did live so one day I will have this luxury lol!

  3. Your trip to Vegas sounds awesome. I need to plan a trip. I wish I could go for $250 or less. However, I live in Arkansas and the flights are much more than $81. However, I will search for deals like you suggested. Thanks for posting.

    1. Ramona, so true! But depending on where you live in Arkansas you can fly out of Memphis or another larger airport. Or if Frontier fries out near you, they had roundtrip flights to various locations for as low as $40 roundtrip to various destinations! Just be on the lookout and willing to travel a bit to get to larger airports. There have been some pretty darn good deals out of Memphis lately. 🙂

  4. Awesome deal! I live in Chicago, but I drove last year from LA to Las Vegas during a week long getaway. I agree that it’s something I would not want to do again. Looks like you had an awesome night at a great bargain.

  5. I got married in Vegas a few years ago and I actually found it to be a very surprisingly affordable place to go for a vacation. I was happy 🙂

  6. Haha! that is a great budget but I know I would go well over it on drinks – however if gambling aren’t drinks free? Haha I would gamble for a really slow long time with my 35 left over and drink all night 🙂

  7. This sounds like such a great trip! It’s awesome that you are able to get out there so quickly and inexpensively. Being in NY we have a bit of a haul to get to Vegas, but I wouldn’t mind getting out that way again sometime soon!

  8. Wow! That is very cheap airfare and you did great on the hotel too! We don’t have that airline up in the northeast, but it makes me wonder if we can’t break up a vacation and travel somewhere that does have that airline and then fly to Vegas. Great post!

  9. I’m constantly telling people Vegas is so budget friendly! Hubby and I love the Hard Rock, and if you go at the right times you can get rooms for like $60! $100 for a giant suite, which is what we usually do.

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