Favorite Photos from the Louvre

Beyonce shot a music video in the Louvre.

Let me repeat that.

Beyonce shot a music video in the Louvre.

As in the museum. In Paris. THE Louvre. She and Jay Z are bad. But as I watched the video it got me thinking about my own trip to the famed museum and before I knew it I was sifting through hundreds of photographs, recounting my trip, and reliving the memories. I only had a brief—literal jaunt—through the Louvre to try to catch the sights only an hour before it closed and I left the country. It was a whirlwind and I need to go back ASAPtually. But in the meantime, in the spirit of Bey, I’ll share a photo essay of my top 13 photos from my visit to the Louvre… and none of them include Mona or Lisa.

Here they go:

This is Victory. I’m sure you recognize her now even if you didn’t before.


When looking at the intricacy of this ceiling, you can spend most of an hour just examining it and not even leave this room.


Of course, the Sphinx is among the faves. #WakandaForever


Some of the best art of the Louvre isn’t even the art. It’s the architecture. These arches gave me life.


And the exterior is stunning as well. This panoramic puts the scale of the Louvre in perspective.


Okay, so I’m a bit of a nerd. I love the DaVinci Code book so you know I had to get this photo. #SpoilerAlert


This is the famed Sleeping Hermaphrodite.


And Mercury adjusting his sandal.


I have no idea the name of this piece but I just love the intricacy of the carving into the wall.


Nor do I know the name of this one. But she is just so regal I had to snap a quick shot.


Through the pyramid glass.


Look ma, no hands (or arms for that matter).


These works of art are just a *FRACTION* of the exquisite works you can find in the Louvre. You really need a couple of days to do it justice. I know I have to get back there, as I did a rush job and didn’t even crack the surface of all the museum has to offer. Remember, Paris is always a good idea.



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