Blogger 2 Boss Conference Recap

“There is no such thing as fashionably late when fashion is your business.”

~ Lisa Petty, Founder, DFW Style Daily

This past weekend was the inaugural Blogger 2 Boss Conference hosted by Dallas fashion and lifestyle publication DFW Style Daily.

The day-long conference (with Friday night welcome cocktail party) featured numerous speakers on various topics, and was held at the NYLO Hotel Dallas/Las Colinas.

Leah Frazier, Editor of DFW Style Daily and owner of Diamond Icon Image and Styling Consultants, stated that the entire purpose of the conference was “education.” Having been to numerous blogger conferences that amounted to extended networking sessions, she wanted to provide Dallas- (and other) area bloggers with real knowledge to help them grow their blogs and turn them into businesses, hence making them “bosses.”

And education certainly was achieved.

I had the honor and privilege of presenting with Leah in a session entitled  “Picture Perfect- Photography Tips and Tricks for Bloggers/ Copyright Infringement 101.” The first portion featured expert photographers who offered tips on starter cameras, capturing the best shot for your blog, and even how to best pose. A glance around the audience featured bloggers practicing their ‘slimifying’ poses.

Leah and I spoke on copyright infringement and how bloggers could not only avoid the legal pitfalls of copyright infringement, but also how they could protect their own work. Generally, we explained that even if a photograph has no copyright markings, it is subject to copyright for 95 years after it is published, and simply crediting the photographer is not enough to avoid copyright infringement (tip: always seek permission from the photographer). We didn’t even get through our presentation without questions abounding. It was a great experience to attempt to help the influencers in Dallas understand the ways in which the law and their craft intersected. Definitely rewarding.

But just as I was a teacher, I was even more a student. I listened, I learned, I took notes. There was so much information spread on a wealth of topics. The morning started with Lisa Petty, founder of DFW Style Daily, who spoke on finding your voice and editorial calendars. I had an editorial calendar (monthly, not daily… I am a travel blogger after all), but this was a whole another level of planning! I will definitely be implementing many of Lisa’s tips. She encouraged us to know our worth and told us to be early to the party, poetically quipping, “There is no such thing as fashionably late when fashion is your business.”


The day continued with a VIP Brunch featuring various Dallas influencers discussing how to turn your blog into a business. All of the speakers and their insights were enlightening.  But that wasn’t all. The day was jam-packed with breakout sessions on SEO, personal branding, and PR.  Jackson, owner of Fluent Dallas, a luxury concierge service, told everyone to be their authentic selves when creating a brand. And of course, he advised that we must “Know your sh*t cold.” Perfection… with a hearty side of laughter.

Even the welcome cocktail party was amazing, with mini-manicures from BellaCures, complimentary drinks and appies, and dancing (The Wobble and Electric Slide were definitely involved). Great times were had by all. And that swag bag, whew child! (I even won a necklace in a giveaway from H. Pederson Design Studio!)

I haven’t been at blogging that long (less than a year). Before my lawyer life, I was a journalist, and that is a totally different emphasis and voice in writing. But I feel much more confident, with the things I learned from all of the speakers, that I can become a better and more influential blogger going forward. And I am already looking forward to an even bigger Blogger 2 Boss Conference next year.

Now I have to go and try to implement some of the (copious) things I learned.

Thanks, Blogger 2 Boss!


I am a lawyer. I am a journalist. I am a writer. I am a photographer. And I love to travel.

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  1. This conference seems like it was full of information that new and old bloggers can impart into their business. Blogger 2 Boss, may be placed on my calendar for next year, Thank you for the recap!

  2. this sounds like a great conference! Glad it was a success. The cocktail party with manis and swag bags were a plus! Glad u and Vashti were able to connect!!

  3. Yes those infringements, nobody wants a part of that. I am in the process of replacing images that are not mine on the blog too… The event sounded very constructive! Wish I could have gone..lol 🙂

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