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2015 Reflections: My Travel Year in Review

Reflection: Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.”

~Author Unknown

So here we are. The end of 2015 and 2016 is on the horizon. Where did the time go?

2015 was an amazing learning year for me. And an amazing travel year for me. My travel journey during the course of this year is the stuff of many people’s dreams. But I want more. I am striving for bigger and better and higher next year.

But for now, I reflect. On all of the things I have accomplished this year related to travel. Earlier this year, I wrote Part 1 and Part 2 of 30 Goals for My Wanderlustful Soul. So here it goes.

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The Dallas Jamaican Food That Almost Made Me Miss My Flight

Let me go on the record that I have never missed a flight because of anything my doing (e.g. other than weather *knock on wood*). But The Island Spot, a Dallas Jamaican food spot, almost caused a real issue.

The restaurant is in an unassuming strip mall but when walk up you immediately notice the cute little patio area. Once inside, the ambiance is fantastic and the restaurant makes great use of space.

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Helping You Plan Your Travel with the Travel Sense & Cents Workbook and Budget Sheets

This year, I have been living more by the mantra of “Book Now, Plan Later.” This is really surprising for someone like me who is a little obsessed with finding a great deal and a lot Type A. But at some point, you have to plan and you have to book something so that you have somewhere to sleep on your trip, not to mention some way to get there. Enter the Travel Sense & Cents Workbook.

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Southern California Spas Never Felt So Good

We all know life can get hectic at times. Between work, family, school, household obligations and finances, its easy to feel like everyday functioning is stressful business.

One of my favorite remedies is an excellent spa treatment. What could be more relaxing than a luxurious spa day where someone else pampers you from head to toe? And where better to indulge than in SoCal, the perfect relaxation destination? And while there are a number of larger, well-known Southern California spas, there are also a number of unique one-off locations that offer can a memorable experience and much-needed perks.

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The Diverse Vancouver Food Scene

“This is Vancouver, where the culinary bar is raised higher and the restaurants are more trendsetting than anywhere in the United States.”

~Tan Vinh, Seattle Times

Vancouver is such a cosmopolitan melting pot, that its no surprise that its food would reflect the same diversity. While I was visiting, I sampled a huge number of different types of cuisine, ranging from Jamaican to fast-food Thai, and it was all awesome. Below are three of my foodie favorites.

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Tourism Vancouver Experience Pass: Day 2

*The Media Experience Pass featured in this post was provided complimentary to media. All opinions are my own.

As I began in my last post, I spent a whirlwind couple of days in Vancouver. And during that time, I had the opportunity to delve into some of the attractions that Vancouver is known for and learn more about the city. I paired up with a local buddy of mine, and off we went to be tourists in her hometown.

On day one, we started with the Aquabus, Granville Island, the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus, and Fly Over Canada. It was amazing first day filled with food, sightseeing, and flight simulators. The second day we drove the city and hit a number of additional sites.

Now on to day two:

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Teen Travel Chat: Branson, Missouri- An Unexpected Delight

About four years ago, my family and I traveled to Branson, Missouri, for summer vacation. It was an incredible vacation that I still remember vividly to this day. My parents decided to make Branson our next vacation spot after a friend’s mom raved about how there was an endless amount of activities to do there and how much fun their trips to Branson had been. And man, was she right; this trip was jam-packed with awesome adventures and tons of fun for our entire family!

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