Hotel Review: Yotel New York

Hotels in New York City can be tough to navigate. With boutique hotels especially, it can be tough to know what you are getting in terms of quality. That’s why we were so delighted with our stay at Yotel New York, a boutique hotel with sleek design and perfect location in the city. Check out this Yotel New York review.


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One of the great draws of Yotel is the location. Located at 10 Avenue and 42nd Street, Yotel is less than a mile from Times Square, if that is your fancy and you are looking to experience the more touristy aspects of New York. We were especially delighted with how close we were to Hell’s Kitchen, an area peppered with amazing eateries, all within walking distance of Yotel. We were unaware of this fact before we arrived, so it served as a pleasant surprise when we were choosing dinner spots on a whim. In fact, its often easier and quicker to walk throughout the area that it is to take a cab or Uber, because the congestion is crazy (typical NYC). Yotel also close to the Broadway theater district, so the location really is perfect in the Midtown West area.


The Ambiance

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I liken Yotel to the hotel version of The Jetsons. The hotel felt very futuristic, even from when you first walk in with the check-in machines where you can do all things check in, including getting your room key. Before you arrive at Yotel you can check in with the hotel app if you so desire. On each floor, the “vending machines” are not full-sized, traditional vending machines, but are more like wall capsules where you can select everything from candy to phone chargers for purchase on the spot.

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But one of the best spots for ambiance is right off of the lobby. The outdoor patio is absolutely beautiful. It is colorful with comfy chairs and ottomans, and it is actually the largest outdoor hotel terrace in New York City. And, of course, there is a full bar and food from onsite restaurant Green Fig. It’s a great place to not only socialize in the city but also get some work done while getting some fresh air (well as fresh as it can be in NYC). And if it’s a bit too chilly, then there are long indoor tables for working, with complimentary coffee, tea, and muffins in the morning.


The Rooms

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The rooms in Yotel are actually called “cabins.” They make great use of space with flat screen TVs and areas that double in utility, like the closet and dresser combination.

But one of the coolest features of the room is the adjustable queen bed. It isn’t your typical, lay-flat bed, but instead it pulls up into the shape of a lounger, allowing you to relax with back support. It was absolutely perfect for my friend and I, as we had work to get done while on our trip, and we could sit on the bed comfortably and get some work done with the TV on in the background. It was like super comfy chaise lounge with back support. As someone who works during my travels (even my leisure travels), this is a great option because after a while, sitting on a hotel bed upright gets quite uncomfortable my lower back and knees. This was one of the best features of the room.

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The bathroom, while it didn’t have a huge amount of privacy (there is a curtain instead of a door for the main portion of the bathroom), is absolutely huge, especially by New York standards. The vanity had space for toiletries and makeup and there was definitely enough room for two in the bathroom at one time. There was also an area to hang up long items, which was also helpful. There was a sliding etched-glass door in front of the toilet area, which connected with the standing shower. I tend to get nervous about rain shower heads because they are not optimal for women of color who may not want to get their hair wet, but this one was adjustable, so it served dual purposes. Perfect!

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The lounger-bed situation was great, but the real highlight of the room was the view. The bathroom featured floor-to-ceiling windows with a remarkable view of the NY skyline. It was especially marvelous at night, with the city all lit up.


Overall Impressions: Yotel New York Review


Overall, Yotel is a great hotel, especially for the cost. The hotel touts itself as being a more affordable option in NYC, but it still maintains more modern amenities than most hotels I have experienced, and not just in the city. The awesome outdoor patio with a view is not to be beat and is a perfect space for both work and leisure.

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The food at Green Fig was also tasty. I am not a fan of New York pizza, but the pizza I had at the restaurant was good for New York pizza (deep dish all the way). I also had a sour apple Bellini, and it was absolutely delicious! In fact, I had two, as it was only $4 each. Yes, you read that right, $4 for a drink in NYC. You’re welcome.

We only had a couple of things we would change about Yotel. If you arrive, and you have forgotten some toiletries, we were surprised to learn that Yotel did not have lotion, which we needed. There is a CVS across the street, but it would be nice to have quick access to basics like extra lotion if needed. Additionally, do note that if you want to check in early, check in time is at 3 p.m., and if you check in any time before 2 p.m., you will be subject to an early check in fee.

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But we really enjoyed our room, the amenities, and the lounger style bed that reclined. It was a nice touch, especially since we both needed to get some work done and it made our work time infinitely more comfortable. I would definitely stay at Yotel again on a future trip to NYC. I would just be sure to bring enough lotion. 🙂


Yotel New York provided me with discounted media rates to experience the hotel in order to do a review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. This is a great option for hotel in the Times Square area! I am shocked by the price of the drink! I love the bed with lounging capability and the views are amazing!

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