Washington D.C. in Photos

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”



Washington D.C. is a remarkable city full of history, culture, and amazing architecture. It had been years since I had visited the District, so when I made it back, I wanted to take it all in and capture it all.

Except, that’s impossible. D.C. is such a history- and monument-filled city, that it is impossible to get through it all in a weekend. But despite that, here is a photo essay of a few iconic images that I was able to capture. I’ll try to show and not tell.

The MLK Memorial

BarrisToruista-MLK Memorial

The Martin Luther King Memorial is one of the newest and most poignant memorials and one that we all agreed we needed to see. So it was our first stop in D.C., and quite meaningful to me.

BarrisTourista-MLK and Washington Memorials


BarrisTourista-MLK Wall


The Supreme Court

BarrisTourista-Supreme Court Statue

As an attorney, I made a special point to get to the Supreme Court. And low and behold, I happened to be there on the morning when the historical marriage equality decision was handed down.

BarrisTourista-Supreme Court


The Washington Monument

BarrisTourista-Washington Monument Trees

I got a lot of shots of the picturesque Washington Monument. It is, after all, the tallest structure in the District.

BarrisTourista-Washington Monument Across River

Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials

BarrisTourista-Washington and Jefferson Monuments


This is somewhere when I go back I want to explore and get more amazing shots of these fantastic structures. I haven’t had a chance to visit them up close since I was a kid.

BarrisTourista-Jefferson MemorialBarrisTourista-Lincoln Memorial Names



Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum

BarrisTourista-Arlington National Cemetary

Such a somber but beautiful place is Arlington. You couldn’t do anything but quietly take it all in.

BarrisTourista-Holocaust Museum 2

And the same with the Holocaust Museum. Such a somber place that not only highlighted the atrocities of the Holocaust but also of other genocidal tragedies that have occurred even more recently.

BarrisTourista-Holocaust Museum 1


The White House

BarrisTourista-White House

The ultimate in architecture and quintessential Washington D.C. is the White House. And we had the rare privilege of getting a VIP West Wing Tour.

BarrisTourista-White House-Press Room Seal


The Library of Congress

BarrisTourista-Library of Congress 2

I didn’t get to venture into the Library, but I captured some gorgeous shots from across the street. Absolutely stunning!

BarrisTourista-Library of Congress

Other Beautiful Things

BarrisTourista-DC Church

From churches to even the train station, D.C. is full of beautiful sites. Take it all in.

BarrrisTourista-DC Chinatwon Gates

BarrisTourista-DC Flags


I am a lawyer. I am a journalist. I am a writer. I am a photographer. And I love to travel.

25 comments on “Washington D.C. in Photos”

  1. I would love to visit the Martin Luther King Memorial. I haven’t seen that one. There is so much to do in Washington and I love all your photos.

  2. We moved to the East Coast a few years ago and Washington D.C. is on my list to go visit soon. I’ve never seen a picture of the statue of Martin Luther King. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. What gorgeous photos! I was just in DC last August (and have plans to visit again in late May.) There are so many great things to see and do in DC <3

  4. You took some great pictures!! I can’t wait to go visit all of these sites!! The first time I went to VA was to go to my uncles funeral so there was no time to site see.

  5. Maybe some day I can visit Washington. I would love to see all these places. Arlington Nation Cemetery my sons went to see with their dad. They didn’t have chance to see the White House that day when they where in Washington.

  6. These are great photos! I used to live nearby there and didn’t get to see everything quite like this, good job. I would love to take my daughter there to see it all but for now I will show her your beautiful photos!

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