Using Trivago to Find Cheap Hotel Prices

There are always tips on the Internet on how to find cheap flights. We have done posts on how to find glitch airfares and some of the best websites for finding flight deals, so this money-saving tip is aimed at helping you save in another aspect of travel… on the hotels. And one of the best websites I use to find cheap hotel prices is Trivago.com.

I am sure many of you have seen the commercials with the Trivago guy where he talks about comparing all of the hotel prices in one place. But Trivago really is a great website for comparing hotels and more.

The gist is that Trivago aggregates all of the places on the web where the hotel appears and shows you the lowest price. So you can choose from top sites like Expedia or Booking.com or Hotels. Com for where you want to book based on the room prices and perks. You want to choose which site to book with based on price and also potentially loyalty points or sites that allow you to cash in the best. For example, with Hotels.com, once you book 10 nights, you get a free night.

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The only website that Trivago doesn’t really show is the hotel or hotel group website. For example, if you are looking at a Kimpton property, it may behoove you to check Intercontinental Hotel Group’s website to see if they have a better deal or other discounts as well.

I have found some great deals on Trivago, and especially like that it lists the different types of rooms, shows room categories, and any perks that are available. And for quality, Trivago also aggregates reviews of the properties and lets you know—with either a green smiley face, a yellow straight face, or a red frowny face—what the reviews are for a property. You are also able to see what sites have what reviews, and see graphically by category what guests’ biggest gripes and compliments are for each property. It even breaks it down by type of travelers (e.g. families, couples, etc.).

Trivago is a pretty cool and easy to use website, and the price comparison feature that pulls in much of the web is a great feature for the bargain shopper. It can help you save money and compare hotels and prices quickly.


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