Travel Tips: Leveraging Your AAA Membership

When you think AAA, you think roadside assistance. You think about getting help when have a flat tire or a dead battery or when you get locked out of your car.

AAA is all of those things. But it is so much more for the traveler. AAA is a travel agent and focuses on all travel for your next trip. Check out how you should be leveraging your AAA membership.

Travel Guides

Did you know that if you go into a AAA office you can get free bound AAA guidebooks for every state in the US? You can also get maps and recommendations, instead of spending a bunch of money on purchasing other guidebooks with similar information.

On a trip a few years ago to the Grand Canyon and other parts of Arizona, we went into our local AAA office where they gave us a map, and Grand Canyon and Arizona guidebooks featuring hotel and restaurant recommendations, along with activities in the area. All of this was free for members. And when we wanted to check out some guidebooks for other countries we got an additional discount for members only. Score!


Hotel Discounts

I mentioned this in a previous post, but AAA has partnerships with many hotel chains and offers additional AAA discounts. This can come in the form of a discount to the room, plus parking or breakfast or other benefits. AAA partners with Best Western, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, and Marriott brand hotels.


Travel Agents and Booking Discounts

AAA has a legion of travel agents that can assist with the planning of your vacation. But they also offer discount hotel, rental car, and vacation packages for the traveler looking to save some cash (and let’s be honest, that is all of us). They even have discounted rail tickets, and if cruises are your thing, they have cruise specials that include the extras.

The travel agents will curate your trip based upon your budget and desired locations, and work with you to have a memorable trip. They even have special AAA itineraries for trips that they can offer members looking to plan their dram trip.


Park Tickets and Activities

Love Disneyland? Dying to see Universal Orland or Universal Studios in Hollywood? AAA has discounted tickets and packages for you. Members can use AAA to access lower ticket prices that are not available to the general public. And that can mean great savings, especially for a family with kids.

And if you love movies, you can get discount movie tickets at AAA as well. They also have discounts for Busch Gardens, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, etc.


Bonus Tips: International Driving Permit and Currency Exchange

You can even get your international driving permit through AAA, saving you time and money on your next international trip. It only costs $15 and is valid in more than 150 countries for one year.

And if you need small amounts of international currency on hand when you land, AAA may be able to help. All branches carry Euros and British Pounds Sterling, but you can order Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, Mexican pesos, and Australian dollars ahead of time fi they are not in stock.

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43 comments on “Travel Tips: Leveraging Your AAA Membership”

  1. I never knew AAA offered so many awesome discounts! I travel often (usually once a month) and I would love to receive hotel discounts and free guide maps <3

  2. We have AAA. I didn’t know about the AAA guidebooks for every state. I’ll have to let my husband know about this. I did know about the hotel discounts, but not about park tickets. Thanks!

  3. what?! I had NO idea. My husband has had AAA since he was 16. When we got married we added my name… that was 7 years ago. I had no idea these other perks were included. I don’t think he knows either since it was his mom who originally got him his membership.

  4. This is awesome, I didn’t know you get hat many benefits. I’ve never had a AAA membership, but it sounds like I need to get one!

  5. I have never been a member of AAA but I’ve always been interested. I’ve had friends that used their AAA benefits for towing and emergency service but I never knew about all the other stuff. We travel a lot so hotel discounts would be really helpful.

  6. There is some really great information in this post – thank you! I’m not very familiar with AAA, but I feel like I should definitely change that! They offer some really great services!

  7. Before the invention of GPS I would go to AAA all the time to get a Trip Tic (I think that’s what it was called). They would highlight the best route to take. We still get tickets to attractions there if we’re not using a package deal.

  8. As a kid I remember the AAA emblem in the family car. I didn’t know much about AAA other than if we broke down they would help us. They sure have come a long way over the years.

  9. I have a CAA membership since I am in Canada but I know they have things that you mentioned above that I really should be taking advantage of! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Back when I was younger triple A was the best thing popping I remember my mom having an account with them and actually got me one too. They are a great company and I trust them to make sure I have the best.

  11. Good tips. Although sometimes the AAA prices on their website aren’t as great or much better than I can find elsewhere. But using it for that drop down menu on hotel sites work nicely sometimes.

  12. Great post! I knew about these perks of AAA- my family always made sure to take advantage of them growing up. I personally don’t have AAA but I think there is value in it. Will be sharing!

  13. Growing up my parents always used AAA. I remember getting excited about going to the office, back before GPS, and they would map out the whole road trip on a real map! To this day my parents still have it and I think my mom has me on her account – I keep forgetting!

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