Tourism Vancouver Experience Pass: Day 2

*The Media Experience Pass featured in this post was provided complimentary to media. All opinions are my own.

As I began in my last post, I spent a whirlwind couple of days in Vancouver. And during that time, I had the opportunity to delve into some of the attractions that Vancouver is known for and learn more about the city. I paired up with a local buddy of mine, and off we went to be tourists in her hometown.

On day one, we started with the Aquabus, Granville Island, the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus, and Fly Over Canada. It was amazing first day filled with food, sightseeing, and flight simulators. The second day we drove the city and hit a number of additional sites.

Now on to day two:

LuLu Island Winery

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Lulu Winery 5

When I decided to go to Vancouver, visiting a winery wasn’t anticipated. But in looking through the activities Vancouver had to offer, I ran across Lulu Island Winery.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Lulu Winery 1 BarrisTourista- Vancouver Lulu Winery 2








Canada manufactures dessert wine called Ice Wine. Basically, the grapes are harvested while still frozen on the vine. Because the sugars don’t freeze, but the water does, it allows for a more concentrated, sweet wine. And given that I love sweet wines, and that the vast majority of ice wine comes from Canada, I had to try some while in Vancouver.

Lulu Island Winery is a cute little winery with a grand tasting room. And the grounds were gorgeous, and we had a mini photo shoot in the grape archway, LOL.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Lulu Winery Tyra

During the tasting, we sampled several different types of wine, some of which were infused with fruit, and they were quite delicious. The smooth taste was thicker and unique, different from the typical Moscatos and Rieslings I was accustomed to. It was a rich taste, and I enjoyed it (and wished the pours were a little bit bigger). And because the Canadian wineries cannot ship to the States (of course, why make it easy on us, right), I bought a few bottles home with me.


Vancouver Lookout by Day

BarrisTourista-Vancouver BC Place

Anything called Vancouver Lookout was a clear draw for me. Given that I am a photographer, I was super excited to get a bird’s eye view of the city. So we went to the Harbour Centre, in the heart of the city, to take a look… and some shots.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Cruise Port

The elevator up is fast to say the least. Like 550 feet in 40 seconds. But once you reach the top… Wow! The 360 degree view was remarkable. Overlooking the city, the Pacific Ocean, Stanley Park, and with a clear view to the nearby mountains, this spot is a photographer’s paradise. You can even see the United States, as Mt. Baker is Washington is visible from the Lookout. We took time to go around the observation deck twice really taking in the view. And as a bonus, the ticket includes the ability to come back later the same day for a nighttime view.


Stanley Park

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Stanley Park

On day two, we took some time to go around Stanley Park with stops, in order to shoot. The Park is absolutely massive, and offers gorgeous views of the city coastline, along with lush vegetation. Even with runners, bike riders, and tourists, the park was super peaceful and a great place for a picnic or to relax.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Stanley Park Totems 4 BarrisTourista-Vancouver Stanley Park Totem 3






There are numerous statutes and structures in Stanley Park, including lighthouse, and the famous totem poles at Brockton Point. There are 9 poles in the park paying homage to the Native American culture. The totem poles are absolutely beautiful, and are apparently some of the most visited tourist attractions in British Columbia.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Bridge 2

And then there is the actual park. The trees, the fresh air, it is refreshing. Making our way along the road through the park, you can’t help but take in the nature, the scenery. I had no idea how big the park really is, but it would be a great place to chill out, waterfront, have a picnic, and relax on a summer day. Perfect.


Vancouver Lookout by Night

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Lookout Night 5

I looked up the time of the sunset and headed over to the Lookout about half an hour before that time. And the view was magnificent. The colors and shadows that the sunset created were fantastic.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Lookout Sunset 3

Once nightfall hit, and the city lights started to come on, the scene was totally different than during the day. BC Place Stadium was illuminated and was a focal point of the view.

BarrisTourista-Vancouver Lookout Night

The 360-degree view was so unique at night, especially with the waterline and the pier where the cruise ships dock all lit up.


BarrisTourista-Vancouver Tyra Shadow

Vancouver ended up being a magical place with gorgeous vistas. The backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and a cosmopolitan city skyline with the nature of Stanley Park makes for a diverse viewing experience. And thanks to Tourism Vancouver and the Media Experience Pass, I was able to experience as much as possible in two short days. I am definitely looking forward to exploring more aspects of this fascinating city in the future.


I am a lawyer. I am a journalist. I am a writer. I am a photographer. And I love to travel.

28 comments on “Tourism Vancouver Experience Pass: Day 2”

  1. Stanley Park was my favorite place in Vancouver! I would love to return and explore more of it. I also had ice wine and as much as I love wine it was too sweet for me!

  2. I love the beautiful photo of Vancouver by night! It sounds like you had a great time. I love wine tasting so LuLu Island Winery will be on my to-do list if I ever visit.

    Allison Jones

  3. I really need to visit Canada as soon as possible. I don’t know why I have always associated it with snow and snow only. Looks like there is so much to do!

  4. I was about to get all excited about the wine, until you said they don’t ship! No fair! The media pass is such a great idea – I wonder how many other cities offer that. Great pictures too!

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