Tips and Tricks: Essential Oils for Travelers

Things happen when we travel. Sometimes it’s the aches and pains, many times from long plane rides in cramped seats with no legroom. Other times, you may get an upset stomach from the food or water in your destination. Or maybe you just happen catch a cold while traveling. Whatever the ailment, having your trust medication is key. And when I travel, I always carry certain essential oils that help ease any issues I face. Here is a list of the top essential oils for travelers, and why you shouldn’t take a trip without them. (Note: This is not medical advice and you should check with physicians or your advisers on usage. Also, keep essential oils away from children and pregnant moms can also have issues).

Let me start by saying that I am here for modern medicine. I won’t be giving up my Excedrin Migraine any time soon. But in many instances, I do use essential oils as well because there is something to be said for their healing properties. These oils (and I prefer Young Living oils) have been a staple and are in a small enough bottle that you can even take them if you are #TeamCarryOn. So here are the top oils I carry when I travel.


  1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has many, many virtues. I use it quite a lot when I am stuffed up with a cold and just put some in the middle of my forehead and on my temples. It clears the congestion. I have also put some on my chest if I have chest congestion as well. When I have a migraine, I take my Excedrin Migraine, but while I am waiting for it to kick in I also use peppermint oil for some immediate relief. It has been super helpful for me both at home and traveling (as have all of these oils). Just remember that peppermint oil especially can cause breathing problems for children and isn’t good for pregnant women. Oh and don’t get it too close to your eyes because it packs a punch.


  1. Stress Away

Stress Away is my all and all. Seriously, I use it so regularly both at home and in travel, that it is the oil I re-order the most. The scent is more mild than lavendar but it is so darn soothing! It is great when you are stressed out, and I use it quite regularly before I go to sleep. I simply put some on the back of my neck and both wrists and hold my wrists to my nose and take long, deep breaths. When I say it relaxes you almost instantly and has given me some of the best sleep ever! Especially when you are in an unfamiliar area–not to mention sleeping in a bed that’s not your own–it is nice to have that relaxation right before you drift off to sleep. It is one of my all-time favorites.


  1. Oregano Oil

I have been fortunate enough to not have to use oregano oil when I travel, but many speak to the virtues of oregano oil if you have an upset stomach while traveling. From all reports, it tastes horrible going down but it will set you right in the stomach. This could be very important if you are going somewhere with cuisine you are not familiar with or where the water quality may be less than you are accustomed to.


  1. PanAway

Think nature’s Bengay. Listen, life hurts. Travel can be painful and exhausting. PanAway is so helpful, especially on sore joints. It truly is like nature’s Bengay, and it even smells as such. I have rubbed on my joints and it really penetrates. I have found it most effective when I use it right after drying off after a shower because my skin is still moist and more absorbent. Be advised, you will feel a good tingle when it gets down in those joints. I have used it on my shoulders and sore knees. When I say once I rubbed into my knees a day or so after flying with limited legroom and within five minutes of massaging into my knees my pain was gone! It has really helped me a lot with sore joints.


  1. Thieves

Thieves is another essential oil I have been using for years, even before I was fully up on essential oils. Whenever I feel sickness coming on, I take Thieves before I go to bed. It helps my immune system and I can often head off sickness before it really starts. I put Thieves on a q-tip and place under my tongue for one minute. I also will swab the inside of my nose with it so I can breathe it in. It has definitely helped me stave off illness and also get better faster. It is very strong, so you don’t need a lot of it, and it last for quite a long time.

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4 comments on “Tips and Tricks: Essential Oils for Travelers”

  1. I love seeing what essential oils other people use! I’ve heard that oregano oil is horrible to take, but is a miracle worker, so I might need to give it a try soon! I’ve also found that ginger helps with upset stomachs, but having an oil on hand might be an easier fix. Some essential oils I use during my travels are lavender oil (to help relax before bed), tea tree oil (for breakouts, ingrown hairs and congestion if I’m sick), vitamin C oil (to help brighten my face/make me seem more awake) and rosehip oil (to get rid of dark spots). Have you added any more oils to your list since writing this article?

    1. Great list! These are my top five for travelers, but I also love Tea Tree for my dry scalp and lemon (I even put it in my tea sometimes). I need to look into vitamin C oil per your recommendation!

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