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Teen Travel Chat: Things for Kids to Do in the Summer Without Traveling

Summer break is filled with endless possibilities. You can travel, or stay at home. You can devote sometime in the summer to take a class in order to make room for a more desirable class next school year or to complete your school’s requirements. Or, maybe sports are a priority. Sometimes I find myself struggling to find things to do, and I fall into the “I’m bored” trap. I have some solutions for those who find themselves or their kids in similar situations. Here is a list of things for kids to do in the summer without traveling.

Take Classes

There are a wide range of classes offered during summer break that are great options for people who want to learn something new or rekindle a skill they have done before. I am taking a pottery class this summer; it is once a week for six weeks at a local art studio. I enjoy it because I get to create handmade pieces. I will upload pictures of all the pieces in a future post. I’m also taking online music theory and government this summer to free up space for classes I really want to take during my senior year of high school. Other than pottery, or art classes, there are acting, sculpting, self defense, cooking, dance, karate, photography and so many more unique classes that may be fun to try depending on your interests.

Cool Off

Cooling off is perfect when it’s really hot out and it can also be a ton of fun! You can go to a pool or a water park with friends or family. Or, if you want to stay at home, water balloons, Slip N’ Slide, creating your own water park design in the backyard (I did this with my cousins years ago, and it was so much fun!), or just running through the sprinkler are all great ways to cool off at home. Pairing whatever you choose to do with a refreshing beverage like lemonade or a root beer float will be icing on the cake.



Another fun thing to do in the summer is Do-It-Yourself projects. I particularly enjoy reconstructing t-shirts, jeans and shoes. There are plenty of YouTube videos online that guide you through the DIY of your choice. There are even options for those who travel. You can create and personalize your own travel journal, travel pillow, or a terry cloth holder, where you can stow away smaller toiletries in your bag.

There are a plethora of other DIY projects for all sorts of things. Some that I found interesting after browsing the internet include how to  make: chocolate banana pops, candle holders, coasters, personalized school supplies, light switch covers, yarn or flower monograms, dream catchers, paint chip calendars and wall art. I believe there is truly something for everyone. Get creative! 🙂


Get Your Body Movin!

Exercising or doing something that gets your heart rate up is never a bad thing. Although we may not necessarily enjoy every moment of it, we should be proud of ourselves in the end. This summer, I have started riding my bike and rollerblading at least once every week. In addition to that, I am trying to stick to a workout plan my dad put together for me. However, creating an actual workout plan is not the only thing that will get your body moving. You can walk, run, or bike to the park, play sports, do some gardening, go to a trampoline place like Sky Zone, go hiking, swim, hula hoop, play Just Dance (I love this game!), volunteer at a charity like Feed My Starving Children, or jump rope. And if you are traveling, you can incorporate exercise and activities into your activities. There are so many ways to be active. Not only do I think being active is fun, but it’s important too.



Step outside and do something, and while you do it, just go with the flow. Whether you end up shopping, going downtown, camping, going to your first job interview, or seeking out the best ice cream place in town with the people you enjoy being around, do it with an open mind and heart. Farmer’s markets are also a cool place to visit to sample different food. Allow yourself to live in the moment and enjoy that time for what it is, without hesitation. This is a great combination of travel and local life because you can visit the places that are most popular to travelers, while still being and feeling close to home.


Enjoy the Outdoors

Throw a bonfire party and roasting marshmallows to make tasty s’mores with friends. Chill at a drive-in movie theatre. Have a picnic and pack a few new food items to try with your friend or better half. Go to the beach and collect seashells or playing beach volleyball. You can also consider going on a nature walk, going to a local festival, flying a kite, relaxing outside, going to a fair, going fishing, or just admiring your surroundings. There are so many things to do outdoors that are fun, free, and in the fresh air.


Do What Your <3 Desires

This is just a compilation of some ideas I have, but ultimately everyone is different and may have other great ideas for what to do during the summer. I would love to hear what creative ideas you have to ensure that your summer is sweet!

brooke bio cancun spring break in chicagolandI am Brooke Lauryn. I am a high school student with diverse interests. I enjoy being a member of my high school band and marching at Friday night football games, along with participating in basketball and track & field. I appreciate art and music and learning about other cultures. I love spending time with my family and friends. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed traveling, and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite places and “cool” things to do with you.


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