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Las Vegas For Families

Teen Travel Chat: A Guide to Las Vegas For Families

In this month’s Teen Travel Chat, our teen correspondent Brooke visited Las Vegas and shares why it is a perfect family destination. 

Las Vegas is filled with lots of things to do and see. The variety of sights, shows, activities, and restaurants is tremendous! If you plan a trip there for a week, like my family did, you will get a good taste of all there is to do in Las Vegas for families. This is a perfect vacation spot for anyone of all ages because there is something for everyone.

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14 Hours in Vegas…On a Tuesday

“I like Vegas for its spontaneity.”

~Tony Curtis


Yep, you read headline that right.

I still can’t believe I did this. On a whim, I got an email for a foodie event, but the event was in Vegas. So I looked at tickets, booked, and a week or two later, took off.

Being in Southern California has its perks sometimes. And accessibility to travel is one of them. So I decided to go. I left work an hour early, drove down to LAX, hopped a Virgin America flight, went to the event, checked in at the hotel, met up with a buddy, went for a night on the town, made it to the airport at 6:30 the next morning for an 8 am flight, landed in LAX, made it in to work by 10ish, and acted like nothing happened.


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