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Jardin de Balata

Photo Essay: Jardin de Balata Martinique

I didn’t learn about Jardin de Balata until I got to Martinique so it was really an afterthought. But this is not your typical botanical garden. It is a gorgeous, scenic oasis in Martinique that rivals the best gardens I have seen. I know very little about different types of flowers–except which ones I find pretty–so this post will be a photo essay, letting the beautiful pictures speak louder than words.

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karambole tours

Martinique Karambole Tours Review

Martinique is a beautiful country with a unique culture and history. But driving can be a…challenge, to put it mildly. Between the scarcity of automatic vehicles (I don’t drive stick) and the, shall we say, veracity and technique of Martinique drivers, driving in the country was high on our priority list. Yet in order to view the island to the fullest, you need a car because cabs are exorbitant. Enter Karambole Tours.  

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Planning a Trip to Martinique

Traveler’s Guide to Planning a Trip to Martinique

Martinique is the hot, new island piquing the interest of American tourists and travelers. And given the new flights from the East Coast to Martinique and Guadalupe on Norwegian Air Shuttle, access to the island just got much easier from the States. But what isn’t particularly accessible is a one-stop guide on Martinique. So here it is: your Martinique travel guide to facilitate planning your trip to Martinique and your travels to this unique and exotic country.

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