Save Money on Travel with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Groupon is a powerhouse for coupon savings on local activities and goods. But in addition to traditional Groupon certificates and Groupon Getaways that offer great travel options, Groupon also offers Groupon Coupons, which offer great savings to the traveler.

We all like a good deal on travel, and Groupon Coupons has travel-based options like Travelocity, Great Value Vacations, and Vegas.com. With Travelocity, for example, you can get coupons for 40% off flights if you book through Groupon’s portal, or other big discounts like $25 off your first hotel booking. These coupons include various areas, such as cruising, hotels and car rentals.

But there is even more benefit for the traveler. What about the services that make our lives easier while we travel? Well, Groupon has coupons for that as well. One such Groupon Coupon is for Sprint cellular phone service, which offers great plans for international travelers with their Global Roaming plan. This plan can be a great way to save money on your phone bill when traveling overseas, as the plan itself is free and it offers cellular calls for as low as 20 cents per minute in some countries. Groupon coupons offer a $75 credit plus a waiver of the $30 activation fee with Sprint. Score!

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And after your trip, when you want to print out your vacation photos, you can use Shutterfly to make prints and even unique and detailed photo books to capture the memories. And, of course, Groupon has coupons and promo codes for that. They even have coupons to help you put together your travel attire.

Groupon Coupons is a great option for discounts on many different items and services that travelers need. And I don’t know about you, but I love saving money while still experiencing nice things, especially in travel.


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