Teen Travel Chat: Packing Tips for Kids and Teens

Packing is a key part of preparing for any trip. As a teenager myself, I know that it is important for me to make sure I have everything (I think) I will need. So in this article, I will be sharing my packing tips for kids and teens that will hopefully make the process easier, efficient, and a bit more fun!

Do Not Procrastinate

It’s sometimes super hard to just muster up the willpower to get something done when you feel tired, lazy, or like you have plenty of time to complete it later. However, it is oftentimes worth it when you do ultimately get whatever needs to be done, done with time to spare. This certainly applies to packing for a trip, because if you wait until the last minute, you will inevitably leave something behind. Especially with kids, who could be absolutely devastated if they left something behind like a doll, blanket, or toy truck. It is crucial to help the little ones pack what they need, in addition to what you may need to take care of them for the duration of the trip. You can use this extra time to double check that you have all that you need for your travels. Packing early will also allow you to deal with last minute things that may pop up.


Make a Checklist

I personally do not like to pack, and I have been known to forget a thing or two. So, in order to help myself through the packing process, I write out a list of everything I’ll need for the trip. This helps guarantee I am not forgetting anything. I also like making a list so that I can cross off the items I no longer have to worry about packing. This is also a good way to get the kids excited about the trip and involved in the packing, since you can create the list together and then they can cross things off their own personal list as they pack.


Pack Toiletries in Separate Bag

Packing toiletries in a plastic bag to protect your other belongings is another tip I highly recommend, because the last thing you want is spills.


Pack a Light Jacket or Travel Blanket

A light jacket or sweatshirt will come in handy during a cold flight or a chilly night. Many airlines no longer offer travel blankets so if you have extra room to spare I would recommend you bring your own. This will avoid the situation of the kids (and let’s be honest, teens) being overly cold on a long flight. I’ve seen some really cute travel blankets at the airport shops, as well.


Pack Things/Items You’d Like to Do during the Trip

Find what you enjoy the most and bring it along with you on your trip. If you pack items that you are interested in or like, you can use them while en route to your destination to pass the time and continue to use them once you finally arrive at your home away from home. For each trip, I put these types of items in my backpack so that they are close at hand for when I want to use them while on the plane, in the car, or on the beach, to name a few examples. I typically take books, adult coloring books, headphones, and a DIY project. For my recent trip to Las Vegas, I made several friendship bracelets.


Pack Entertaining Items for the Kids

For kids in particular, I would strongly suggest packing entertaining items that they like. This should help keep them occupied for longer periods of time during the journey to your destination. Because we know that passing time is key for kids on flights. LOL. Some considerations include a portable DVD player (or smart phone/tablet nowadays), coloring book, stuffed animal to keep them company, or a toy. And for teens, you may want to consider packing things like extra snacks, lip balm, sunglasses, any handheld games, UNO or a deck of cards, any homework you have to complete, souvenir money, a journal, and gum.
Every person is different; each individual knows what he or she needs to pack in order to feel secure while traveling. It is especially important with young kids that parents anticipate what they will need to ensure a smooth ride. I still hope that these tips help give you a new perspective of some additional ways to pack your bag for a trip for teens and kids.
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