BarrisTourista Travel Store Official Launch

It’s here! It’s here!

BarrisTourista is excited to announce the official launch of its new store, the BarrisTourista Travel Store.

Explore More Collection

The store, which caters to both the avid traveler and the casual flier, houses various travel necessities like passport covers, luggage tags, and tote bags.

Have Passport Bundle new

Given recent stories in the news regarding people being denied boarding on flights because of tattered, bent, or torn passports, the passport holders are a fantastic way to protect your most valuable piece of identification. Additionally, the luggage tags offer an easy way to identify your bags on the carousel, and the tote bags are weather resistant material with strong black straps to hold a lot of stuff.

Been There Luggage 2

There are 6 different designs, including: Been There, Seen That; Explore More; Have Passport, Will Travel; Keep Calm and #Bookdatisht; Live Love Travel; and Pack Light. All lines come in passport covers and luggage tags, and the tote bags come in Explore More; Have Passport, Will Travel; and Live Love Travel designs.

Pack Light Bundle new

This Travel Store comes just in time for the holiday season, and the items make great stocking stuffers or outright gifts. This is especially true for the traveler who needs this type of gift.

Live Love Travel Collection

Visit Bit.ly/BTTravelStore or BarrisTourista.com and click Travel Store in the menu bar to purchase items. And be sure to join the mailing list on the store site for info on new products and upcoming sales!

Keep Calm Bundle 2


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61 comments on “BarrisTourista Travel Store Official Launch”

  1. I love this! So cute and different and much needed for the avid traveler. I don’t even travel and I want all of the stuff. I have a friend that travels often I know the perfect gift I can get her for the holidays.

  2. COngrats on the launch! Look at all the cute stuff, too! I would love to get something for my sister for Christmas because she loves to travel.

  3. I can’t wait until we can travel more. I see so many people traveling and posting beautiful and amazing photos of their travels. Oh and I love that last sign!

  4. Everything is so cute! We are planning an international trip next year, so I might need the passport holder! I didn’t know people were being denied because of bent passports!

    1. Lisa, this is so important! A bride was just denied entry to her flight for her honeymoon because her passport was worn. And I know someone that this happened to as well. Grab yourself a passport cover for sure!

    1. Ricci, thanks so much! Use them as inspiration. I haven’t hit many of the places on the Have Passport Will Travel collection, but I am next year and everytime I look at it I get inspired all over again. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh no, this is not going to be good for my bank account!
    I love the totes, and the passport covers, and the luggage tags…..

    1. Rosey, thanks so much! There are 3 totes and they are awesome. I am a person who constantly gets pen or makeup on the inside of my bag so the black lining is amazing! Please visit the store and shop for both you and your SIL. Thanks for the support. bit.ly/BTTravelStore πŸ™‚

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