National Rum Month at The Island Spot’s New Rum Bar

As National Rum Month comes to a close, I am actually really disappointed in myself. I am sad to say that I didn’t indulge in nearly enough of the island spirit or its accompanying fruity cocktails. Rum is my liquor of choice, and I have snagged a number of varieties throughout the Caribbean. Seriously, nothing beats a good Caribbean rum, and for those of you in Dallas, you may want to hit up one of my favorite spots, The Island Spot, and try its new rum bar.

Yep, that’s right, The Island Spot, the Jamaican restaurant that almost caused me to miss my flight once upon a time, is opening its new location in Oak Cliff on Thursday, September 1, and is bringing Dallas its new, signature Rum Bar.

With over 25 rums stocked at the bar, you can bet I will be there when I make it back to Dallas. And The Island Spot will be serving up special cocktails in honor of National Rum Month, including its signature Negril Rum Punch, the Pineapple Paradise, and “Feeling Irie,” to name a few. Even if you can’t make it to the islands, at least you can feel like you are there with a fruity cocktail and ambiance, right?

BarrisTourista-The Island Spot Oak Cliff

“The Rum Bar is meant to provide guests with a journey through some of the best rums in the world,” said Island Spot Owner Richard Thomas. “Whether new to rums or a rum connoisseur, the Rum Bar will give guests some of the most bold, unique rums to savor while sharing the Jamaican culture experience all at once.”

The Island Spot is opening its new location in Oak Cliff. While I have no sense of geography in Dallas (just keeping it real), this location boasts 3,600 sq. ft. of upstairs and downstairs dining, patio seating, and, of course, the signature Rum Bar. The restaurant’s jerk chicken is bomb dot com, and if rum somehow doesn’t tickle your fancy, try the bottomless mango mimosas. You will thank me later.


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