Teen Travel Chat: Minimizing Fights Between Siblings While Traveling

Kids argue. This is an indisputable fact. And while going on a glorious vacation sounds fabulous, the notion of that putting an end to all possible negativity, fighting, or strife between siblings is not always the case. So how can you make the trip enjoyable for everyone, especially you parents? Here I explore a few avenues that can help minimize fights between siblings while traveling… all while increasing happiness.

Creating Space

In my opinion, giving each other space, listening to your parents, and making compromises are the best ways to prevent or resolve fighting between siblings on any trip. It is important to ensure that the siblings are able to have time and space to themselves or away from the entire group if desired. Just having the choice to go to another room and relax or separate from the main action is a good way to diminish conflict.

Eliminating the Need to Share

Another option is allowing the siblings to choose what things they want to bring on the trip as well as some activities they want to do once it begins. This gives each individual sibling a chance to do what they really want to do while on vacation, and hopefully helps to keep the peace since each person will have something he or she brought that is exclusive to them. Giving each sibling their own thing to do and not making them share items (e.g., a tablet, phone, coloring book) will lower the chance of fighting because everyone has something of their own to use whenever they want. This can be easily achieved if each sibling packs a separate carryon bag or backpack to stow their items if the family is traveling by plane or car.

Stay Positive

So, there’s hope! Fights between siblings can be decreased by creating space and having each sibling bring their own items of interest on a trip, limiting the items they have to share as much as possible. And also, by encouraging positivity between siblings, as well as among the whole family, the vacation should turn out to be an exceptional one for the books.


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