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Martinique Karambole Tours Review

Martinique is a beautiful country with a unique culture and history. But driving can be a…challenge, to put it mildly. Between the scarcity of automatic vehicles (I don’t drive stick) and the, shall we say, veracity and technique of Martinique drivers, driving in the country was high on our priority list. Yet in order to view the island to the fullest, you need a car because cabs are exorbitant. Enter Karambole Tours.  

Karambole Tours offers several tours to give visitors the heart of Martinique. The owner, Christelle, is bilingual offering English, French or English and French combo tours. Karambole is new, just beginning tours in November, but it is clear that Christelle cares deeply about the island and wants others to see its beauty. And she is super talented; she narrates back and forth between English and French with ease and finesse.


Pile et Face Tour

BarrisTourista-Sacred Heart Church 4 karambole tours

We did the Pile et Face Tour, which made several stops and covered a large portion of the island. And along the way we had delicious pastries along the way.

Our first stop was the Sacred Heart Montmartre de Balata Church. Look familiar? If you have been to Paris, this one you may recognize as a replica of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. This beautiful structure is hilltop and features absolutely stunning architecture.

BarrisTourista-Sacred Heart Inside 1 karambole tours

But the real joy is inside. The alter and stained glass was beautiful. The high ceilings and the dome were magnificent. Around the dome at the top had an amazing level of detail, and even though I don’t speak French, I could instantly tell that at the four corners were depictions of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Absolutely beautiful.

BarrisTourista-Sacred Heart Inside 6 karambole tours Barristourista-Sacred Heart Inside 5 karambole tours Barristourista-Sacred Heart Inside 3 karambole tours BarrisTourista-Sacred Heart Inside 2 karambole tours






But before taking in the church, Christelle offered some history, along with tumeric bread with souskay and banana wine.


The Rainforest


BarrisTourista-Martinique Waterfall karambole tours BarrisTourista-Waterfall karambole tours

Martinique is an extremely lush island, with dense rainforests. So next, we were on to the rainforest area (where it indeed rained). We first stopped at the Alma River for photos and enjoyed hot chocolate and a cinnamon apple pastry. We then headed over to a cute little waterfall, where we waded through the river to get to the pool. Unfortunately, the rain started coming down at that point, or we would have enjoyed more time in the waterfall.


Mt. Pelee and Saint-Pierre

BarrisTourista-Volcano Mt Pelee karambole tours

Check this: There is an active volcano on Martinique. Didn’t know Mt. Pelee was still active before I arrived. But on the tour, we stopped for a scenic overlook where Christelle gave us some history on the ‘catastrophe’ as the Martinicans call it, the huge eruption in 1902 that killed most everyone in and destroyed Saint-Pierre. We then went down into the town to walk the streets and see the old outdoor theater.



BarrisTourista-Martinique DePaz Distillery karambole tours

There is–legitimately–not a weak drink on Martinique. Seriously. Rhum is the liquor of choice, so we enjoyed a tasting at DePaz Distillery. There they have all sorts of flavored rhums (my personal favorite is the Passionfruit Rhum). The pours are small, but they pack a mean punch. We took only a few minutes to check out the hilltop grounds before getting right down to business, but there was a lot to see if you had the time.


Black Sand Beach


BarrisTourista-Martinique Beach karambole tours

Our last stop of the day was at a black sand beach. To be fair, the sand wasn’t an onyx-toned sand, but lighter, more of a grey beach. But the sand coloration was caused by the volcano. The beach was beautiful and relatively uninhabited. We relaxed there for a bit before heading back to Fort de France to catch our ferry.


Karambole Tours

BarrisTourista-Hot Cocoa karambole tours

All in all, we could have been more pleased with our tour. We covered a lot of ground in just one day, and had great local delicacies along the way. Christelle has put together a great itinerary, but even if you have other things on your itinerary (like the Anse Caffard Memorial or the Jardin de Balata), Karambole offers other tours hitting those sites. The prices are more than reasonable, and Christelle is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about Martinique. I highly recommend this tour company to anyone visiting the island.


*While Karambole Tours offered a media ticket for this tour, the review is my honest opinion and the review is all my own.


I am a lawyer. I am a journalist. I am a writer. I am a photographer. And I love to travel.

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing tour. Martinique looks like such a lovely place! That rain forest looks so stunning. Something about rain forests and forests in general are so calming to me <3

  2. Martinique is on my list of Caribbean Islands to visit. It looks like such a fun place. I’m headed to Turks and Caicos this summer. My husband and I try to visit a Caribbean Island each year. We love them all!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. I have implanted myself (in my mind) sitting in a chair by the Alma River sipping that cup of hot chocolate and enjoying that apple pastry. How beautiful and relaxing!
    What a fabulous vacation. Now I want to go!

  4. You had me at Rum 🙂 I have to agree with you that is the drink of choice in this house that’s for sure. Love looking at your beach photos..makes me want to curl up on the sand and ignore the ice and cold!

  5. Oh wow, what a beautiful place! I totally see why you would rather do a tour than ferry yourself around too. You not only avoid the challenge of driving, but get to see so many great sights! I can’t believe there’s an active volcano too … yikes!

  6. I’m really glad that I read your post as I’ve never visited or known anyone who has visited Martinique. It looks beautiful and I would love to go there, but I would not dare drive. I rarely rent vehicles when I travel which does stop me from seeing a lot and taking taxis can get expensive.

  7. I would love to take a tour here! The black sand beach looks gorgeous! I love to take tours where you find incredible places that are virtually uninhabited. It makes me feel like an explorer discovering it for the first time lol!

  8. Having to drive a stick would be the end of the adventure for me! I definitely need an automatic or a driver! It looks like a beautiful place though.

  9. April 2016 :My daughter decided not to rent a car because of stick-shift drive. and were we glad that we left the driving to our guide Christelle!. Her mastery of the hair-pin bends, friendly manner and providing bites of local treats at strategic rest stops..allowed us to expe rience Martinique as a beautiful pictorial history book…Enjoyable.
    Merci.. .Christelle

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