Hotel Tonight: Necessary App for the Traveler

A few weeks ago, when I got stuck after Christmas heading from the Midwest to the West Coast, I was caught in a dilemma. Because my first flights were so late (ended up being about 9 hours late), I missed every connection to my original destination. There was a chance I would get stuck in Phoenix for at least a day.

Enter Hotel Tonight. I had downloaded the app on my phone after hearing about it from colleagues but I never used it. The premise is to consolidate a bunch of hotel options in the event that you find yourself in need of a hotel… tonight. The app has now expanded to allow for hotel bookings up to a week out, but the premise of the last minute hotel deal still remains.

So while I was trying to get rebooked and waiting for a representative, I decided to check out the app. And I must say it was pretty darn cool. It geo-locates you (although you can enter a destination), and gives you various available hotels with different classifications. Some hotels are listed as luxe, others as hip, some as charming, and many as solid.


Hotel Tonight also gives you information on why they like it, detailing the draw of the hotel, the various amenities they offer, location, and vital information like check-in time, parking, whether there is free Wi-Fi and more. Hotel Tonight has even taken care to include a few reviews of the properties for its users.

In the end, I caught a lucky break. I didn’t have to actually book a hotel. But if I did, I feel more confident knowing that I have a few backup plans, including Hotel Tonight as options. And who knows, maybe I’ll book a staycation in town just to try it out. But for the frequent traveler, Hotel Tonight is an app that is absolutely needed. Remember, hope for the best but plan for the worst.


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