Hotel Review: The Westin Grand Vancouver

There are a number of high-end hotels in Vancouver in various areas of the city. Since I wasn’t familiar with the city, I asked a buddy who had just visited a couple of months earlier. She recommended the Westin Grand Vancouver for its location and reputation for excellence. And it was the perfect choice.

I landed in Vancouver really late, and by the time I cleared customs and got to the hotel, I was ready to crash. Much to my relief, check-in was super quick. When I made it up to my room, I was pleasantly surprised.


The Room

Westin Vancouver 3

Even though the hotel is a Westin, it had more of a boutique feel. And all of the rooms in the hotel are suites! So as I walked in, I took it all in, including the amazing view! I had a perfect view of BC Place Stadium, where the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics was held. The skyscape was amazing (and as tired as I was, I even took some time to get on Periscope).

Westin Vancouver 7

The room was extremely spacious! The main living room had a couch with a chaise lounge (I love a good chaise lounge), TV, and a full kitchenette with a microwave, dishwasher, sink and toaster. I spent a good amount of time sprawled out on the chaise lounge getting some work done while watching sports. It was absolutely huge, and the living room (with kitchenette) was the perfect combination of pleasure and work (if working was necessary).

Westin Vancouver 1

Then it was on to the bedroom. It, too, was super spacious and had a great view of both the stadium and the city. The bed was the perfect combination of fluff and firmness and I slept like a champion.

Westin Vancouver 2

Lastly, the bathroom was fantastic. It was spacious and clean. The shower had a rain showerhead. When this is the only showerhead, it can be a problem for African American women who don’t wish to get their hair wet, so initially I was concerned. But the shower had a high-powered shower wand as well that sprayed horizontal and could be used as a handheld showerhead. It was the perfect combination for everyone.


Breakfast, Pool Area, and the Location

Westin Vancouver 9

The next morning, after a restful night’s sleep, I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. The breakfast was delicious and filling. The presentation was fantastic, and everything was delicious, especially the potato cake.

I went to check out the pool deck, which is on a high floor. It has a great view of the surrounding city and the streets below. One of the cool things about Vancouver is the mix of the commercial buildings and residential buildings in the city, so you are not limited to exclusively looking at high rises but a mix of buildings and architecture. I didn’t get to spend much time at the pool, but it was definitely somewhere one could chill out and read.

The location of the hotel was absolutely perfect. It was centrally located and right across the street from the library. It was a pretty easy walk from the hotel to the ferry where we went to Granville Island, and we were able to check out Yale Town along the way. It seemed to be a fantastic home base for someone looking to hit some major hotspots in Vancouver.


The Hospitality

Westin Vancouver 4 Westin Vancouver 5







From the moment I walked into the Westin Grand until when I checked out, the friendly staff assisted me. From valets to room service to the concierge, everyone had a positive and friendly disposition. Even when I got to my room, late at night, there was a dish of fruit, cheeses, crackers and nuts waiting for me. This was definitely an instance where the stereotype about Canadians being friendly was true.

I highly recommend the Westin Grand Vancouver to anyone looking to visit Vancouver. It’s central location, amazing suites, and friendly staff will ensure a great vacation. Top notch.


This stay was offered at a special media discount. All opinions are my own. 


I am a lawyer. I am a journalist. I am a writer. I am a photographer. And I love to travel.

49 comments on “Hotel Review: The Westin Grand Vancouver”

  1. This hotel looks and sounds amazing! That breakfast and cheese platter look like a wonderful bonus to an already great place to stay! A sofa with a chaise lounge has me sold! such a great review of this property!

  2. My family and I love Westin Hotels. The service as always been amazing! Love how spacious the hotel room was. I also really liked the small kitchen area with sink and microwave! When traveling with kids having that is a plus!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful hotel. I am not sure when I will be up that way, but if I ever get up there, I know where I want to stay!

  4. This looks like a wonderful hotel! I really like how all of the rooms are suites. I think more hotels are heading in that direction, and it makes so much more sense. I mean, what better way to entice guests to stay longer than to actually give them a home away from home?

  5. I would love to visit Vancouver and stay at the Westin. It’s one of my favorite hotel chains. I firmly believe that a luxury hotel suite is necessary when traveling. And that breakfast looks tasty, too.

  6. If I am ever in that area I will have to check out this hotel! I think staying at a great hotel really makes the trip when traveling 🙂

  7. The hotel room does look spacious and neat. I like it when you mentioned about the hospitality that they offered you the moment you arrived at the hotel. Sounds like the guest can really relax and be stress-free staying there.

  8. I love a great hotel and this one is very nice. It looks cold there so I would have to turn the heat all the way up but with food and the right temp I would be good to go.

  9. I had a few friends just come back from Vancouver for a conference. I have never been to this city but I have stayed at a Westin. From the looks of it, this Westin fulfilled their usual standard. And because I’m such a foodie, I can’t stop looking at that breakfast you had! YUM.

  10. thus looked like such a nice and cozy hotel. It had a good mix of chic and comfort. I am all about staycations so I’m looking up a westin in my city!

  11. WOW, One, The food looks amazing an totally made me hungry. Everything else looks so amazing as well. I like the counter in the bathroom. lol =P It’s very inviting. Some hotels are so plain jane.. lol i really like the comfort of this one. =D

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