Frequent Flier Sound Off: Nicholas Miles

Name: Nicholas Miles

Location: Washington, DC

Occupation: Drug Safety Evaluator

Number of Countries Visited: 14

Last Country Visited: Martinique

What is your favorite country you have visited and why?

I love France. It’s mainly because I love the language and the food. I’ve been to Paris 3 times, I believe. And I never get tired of strolling the Parisian streets, eating something delicious from cute patisserie.


What is your least favorite country you have visited and why?

I don’t have one. Each place I’ve visited holds a special place in my heart. I’ve never been let down after a vacation.


What countries are on the itinerary for this year?

So far, Italy is the only country on the list now. I’m starting an intense acting conservatory this year, which limits my time for travel. But I’ll be back to my normal travel routine by 2017.


When did you start traveling? Did it start at an early age for you?

I started traveling internationally later in life. My first trip was a month long trip to London back in 2007. It was an amazing experience, which inspired me to travel more.


Why do you travel? What is your personal reason for traveling?

Traveling is the perfect gift for someone living in a city as expensive as DC. I can’t afford a mansion here or a fancy car, but I can find solace in creating amazing memories, seeing the world.


Why do you believe it’s important for others to travel and see the world?

I believe, it’s important for people to travel to learn to see things with a different viewpoint.


How you manage to visit so many amazing vacation spots so frequently? What is your travel strategy?

I’m cheap LOL. I usually find cheap international flights, and I use airbnb for housing. I’ve been fortunate here in D.C. I flew to India for $300, Dubai for $200, Istanbul for $500, and Italy for $500 to name a few. After that, I usually take time to make an itinerary of the things I’d like to see.


Last year, you went on a traveling spree visiting various countries. How did you accomplish this?

Basically, I found a bunch of cheap flights and a new job. So, I decided to take some time between jobs to travel. It worked out well. I went to India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Fiji, and Martinique last year alone.

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What advice do you have for someone who may have a few months off, be it between jobs or a sabbatical? How should they tackle their travel aspirations and goals?

I would say they should make a list of the places they’d like to see and start looking for cheap flights.


What inspires you about the travel experience?

I love learning and seeing new things.


What do you like least about travel?

Unpacking. Period. LOL


What are your travel goals for this year, given that it is the start of the new year?

This year, my travel goals are nonexistent. My main goal is to complete this acting conservatory here in D.C. Once I’m done with that, I’ll be focused on travel.


What recommendations do you have for someone who is looking to be more adventurous and travel?

This is tough. I feel if you’re scared of traveling for some reason–like you don’t know the language or something–or don’t have someone to travel with, look for a young professional travel group. I’ve seen a few on my recent travels, and they seem like fun.




I am a lawyer. I am a journalist. I am a writer. I am a photographer. And I love to travel.

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