ways to spot your luggage

Easy Ways to Spot Your Luggage

Unless you are #TeamCarryOn, one of the inevitable (and annoying) parts of traveling comes at the baggage claim. As bags start to drop, a sea of people flock to the conveyor belt, struggling to spot their bag, which they don’t usually spot until the last second. I don’t have to enter that fray, and don’t step up to the claim until necessary, because I can see my bag at a distance. Here are some easy ways to make your luggage easier to spot amongst the throng of travelers.

  1. Get a different colored bag.

This should be common sense, but given the sea of black luggage at any baggage claim at any given time anywhere in the world, it is clearly not such a recognizable strategy nor prevailing wisdom.

But do you have to go and buy a hot-pink luggage set? Not at all. One of my luggage sets is a distinct shade of chocolate brown. I see it coming a mile away, and it’s not some obnoxious color.

Check out some unique bags you can grab to stand out!

  1. Get a distinct luggage tag or ribbon


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Shameless plug. This is why I make six different luggage tag designs: so that you can add a distinct flair to your bag and make it easily recognizable. Even when I carry my more standard colored bag, I immediately know when it’s my bag. And before I had bomb luggage tags, I tied a bright-colored ribbon around the handle to be able to spot my bag quickly. But my luggage tags are dual purpose (easy spotting and identification). *Shameless plug over*

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  1. A bright luggage belt or strap

Another option for a pop of color without rocking the neon yellow bag is simply to get a bright colored luggage belt. These belts come in all shapes and sizes and also serves the function of protecting your luggage (at least a bit) if the zipper gets damaged or broken for hard-side suitcases. Tip: If you have a duffle bag, use the strap length-wise and it acts as a handle so you can carry it vertically.


  1. Stickers

BarrisTourista.com Luggage with Stickers small ways to spot your luggage

Who doesn’t love stickers. Get some travel themed ones and go. Admittedly, this works better on hard-size bags. But you can also get some colorful duct tape and go to town.


  1. Do What This Guy Did

As reported by the Daily Mail and other UK productions, you could do like this guy did. LOL. You have to see it to believe it. Too much?


Sound off on your favorite technique for making your luggage stand out. And shop the BarrisTourista Travel Store for dope luggage tags. Check out BarrisTourista.com every Thursday for travel tips and tricks. And if you sign up, you get a 5-Page Travel Deals Mini Guide! 


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3 comments on “Easy Ways to Spot Your Luggage”

  1. That guy’s suitcase is hilarious. Love it. My most recent luggage purchase was purple. My friend happened to buy the same one. We were the only ones w/that color on the carousel’s sea of black bags. Good tips & I like your luggage tag.

  2. Great tips! Once my husband picked up another woman’s black hand luggage (black of course) 🙂 . You should have seen when we realized it at the security point when they pulled us aside. She had vitamins, big old grandma panties and a laptop 🙂 . We had to call the car rental company, and find where they dropped her off. Boy, was she mad!!!! Since then, l do colorful striped belt and weird initials on the suitcase ! Loved that guy’s case though..haha..nobody would ever mistakenly take that..haha!

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