The Dallas Jamaican Food That Almost Made Me Miss My Flight

Let me go on the record that I have never missed a flight because of anything my doing (e.g. other than weather *knock on wood*). But The Island Spot, a Dallas Jamaican food spot, almost caused a real issue.

The restaurant is in an unassuming strip mall but when walk up you immediately notice the cute little patio area. Once inside, the ambiance is fantastic and the restaurant makes great use of space.

The Drinks

BarrisTourista-Island Spot Mango Mimosas Dallas Jamaican Food

I love a good bottomless brunch. Love one. I also love a good mimosa. But you know what I especially love? A mango mimosa.

Yummmmm! My friend Leah and myself both got our own separate carafes of mango mimosa and it was game time. Drinks are flowing, and the Island Spot’s mimosas were so smooth it was like we were just drinking mango juice. This, perhaps, added to my losing track of time, but I digress.


The Food

BarrisTourista-Island Spot Jerk Chicken 2 Dallas Jamaican food

Next came the food. I wanted to try everything (of course). So we opted to try the patties and share the chicken and waffles and jerk chicken plate, so we each get a bit of everything.

The patties were pretty good. I am spoiled because a little place in LA has great patties and they are chicken. I am not the biggest beef eater, but the patties were pretty tasty.

But the real winners were the entrees. I was in such heaven I don’t know where to start. So I guess I’ll start with the chicken and waffles. The waffle was a great sweetness to contrast with the chicken. The whole wings were fried evenly and to perfection, with great seasoning with a little heat. I always add hot sauce but even without it the wings were great.

BarrisTourista-Island Spot Dallas Jamaican Food

Then there was the jerk chicken. Oh jerk chicken, you have a special place in my heart. It was so dang good, I didn’t even have a problem eating the dark meat (I am strictly a white meat type of gal). In fact, everything on the plate was good, as I munched on the cabbage and even ate the rice and black eyed peas, which I don’t like not even a little bit. The jerk had some great heat to it and went perfectly with the rice and peas and cabbage.

I alternated throughout the whole meal. Jerk chicken. Drink. Chicken and waffles. Drink. Repeat. At some point, we got a refill on our mango mimosa carafes. And at some point, I realized we were going to be really tight getting to the airport. So we finished and were off. And by the time I got there, it was about 45 minutes before my flight. And I had to print my boarding pass. And it was amateur hour in the security line. Total amateur hour. And I may or may not have had the beginnings slight buzz.

BarrisTourista-Island Spot Inside Dallas Jamaican Food

The whole time I was panicking. The beginning of the boarding time came and went. And mind you, I am at Dallas Fort Worth, the biggest airport known to man. But then God smiled on me, and the gate right at the security exit was my gate. By the time I made it to the gate, they were in the midst of boarding group 4; I was group 1.

BarrisTourista-The Island Spot Dallas Jamaican Food

All in all, The Island Spot was a definite winner in my eyes. It’s hard to choose a favorite between the entrees, but I would have to go with the jerk chicken (although the mango mimosa was the real MVP). I will definitely be heading back to The Island Spot when I am in Dallas again.


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20 comments on “The Dallas Jamaican Food That Almost Made Me Miss My Flight”

  1. Oh My GOODNESS! All of this food looks amazing. The chicken and waffles are making me so hungry right now. I need to make a special trip to Dallas for this restaurant.

  2. OMG I just started flying last year, and my last fight was in/out of DFW. That airport is like a city! It was the biggest I’ve ever seen! But this food looks amazing, and if I ever get to travel back to Dallas I will have to go. I can’t find a good bottomless mimosa spot where I live, but that it has that and Jamaican food too!?!? I’d be in heaven!

  3. LOL, I loved your recap of how you almost missed the flight, and I’m so glad you didn’t! That food looks amazing! I’m a sucker for good chicken (wings to be exact) and waffles, so that picture took me to my happy place! The mango mimosas sound delish as well!

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