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Yellow Tomato Catering review

Chef’s Tasting: Yellow Tomato Catering Review

I ate three helpings of the kale salad.

I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying. I ate three helpings of kale salad. It was absolutely fantastic… And I don’t even like kale. That is the beauty of Yellow Tomato Catering. They made me like kale.

Yellow Tomato Catering is a family-owned, mobile catering and foodie business based in Pasadena. They specialize in clean yet deliciously unique meals and Yellow Tomato was just featured in LA Travel Magazine. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down to a chef’s tasting with Alexandria Dotson, owner of Yellow Tomato, and I was not disappointed.

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karambole tours

Martinique Karambole Tours Review

Martinique is a beautiful country with a unique culture and history. But driving can be a…challenge, to put it mildly. Between the scarcity of automatic vehicles (I don’t drive stick) and the, shall we say, veracity and technique of Martinique drivers, driving in the country was high on our priority list. Yet in order to view the island to the fullest, you need a car because cabs are exorbitant. Enter Karambole Tours.  

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Airline Review: Norwegian Air Shuttle

If you have been paying any sort of attention to airline deals, you cannot have helped but to notice Norwegian Air Shuttle. Norwegian is largely a newcomer on the American scene, offering inexpensive flights from the U.S. to Europe and parts of the Caribbean.

But Norwegian is what would be a budget or a la carte carrier, meaning that you pay for most things individually based upon your needs. Paying for baggage is nothing new (but it actually less than the American airlines bag fees if you pay online in advance, with the fee only being $17 each way), but Norwegian also requires you pay for your seat selection ($17 each way), and all on-board refreshments.

Still, with the fares they are offering, I decided to give them a whirl, especially since they are now offering flights from the West Coast to Europe. Below is my Norwegian Air Shuttle review.

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2016 Goals for Travel and Life

“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.”

~Charles Kettering

I am a big fan of SMART goals. So with this new year upon us, I decided to build on what I have learned from this year and make some new goals. I still hold my Wanderlustful Part 1 and Part 2 goals, but here’s looking to 2016 and all that it has in store. These are my 2016 goals for travel and life.

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2015 Reflections: My Travel Year in Review

Reflection: Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.”

~Author Unknown

So here we are. The end of 2015 and 2016 is on the horizon. Where did the time go?

2015 was an amazing learning year for me. And an amazing travel year for me. My travel journey during the course of this year is the stuff of many people’s dreams. But I want more. I am striving for bigger and better and higher next year.

But for now, I reflect. On all of the things I have accomplished this year related to travel. Earlier this year, I wrote Part 1 and Part 2 of 30 Goals for My Wanderlustful Soul. So here it goes.

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The Dallas Jamaican Food That Almost Made Me Miss My Flight

Let me go on the record that I have never missed a flight because of anything my doing (e.g. other than weather *knock on wood*). But The Island Spot, a Dallas Jamaican food spot, almost caused a real issue.

The restaurant is in an unassuming strip mall but when walk up you immediately notice the cute little patio area. Once inside, the ambiance is fantastic and the restaurant makes great use of space.

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Southern California Spas Never Felt So Good

We all know life can get hectic at times. Between work, family, school, household obligations and finances, its easy to feel like everyday functioning is stressful business.

One of my favorite remedies is an excellent spa treatment. What could be more relaxing than a luxurious spa day where someone else pampers you from head to toe? And where better to indulge than in SoCal, the perfect relaxation destination? And while there are a number of larger, well-known Southern California spas, there are also a number of unique one-off locations that offer can a memorable experience and much-needed perks.

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