BarrisTourista’s Top Three Websites for Finding a Travel Deal

The idea is to travel fabulously but do it cheaply. I hate paying full price for things. So when I stumbled upon these three sites for finding a travel deal, I was super excited. There are others that are great sites as well, but here are the three picks that have helped me find unbeatable deals in the last year or so. And since so many people have been asking lately, we thought we would revive this oldie but goodie post to share my top three websites for finding a travel deal.

The Flight Deal

TheFlightDeal.com is a magnificent website filled with deals from many cities nationwide. The cities most popular flight cities are on The Flight Deal, but smaller cities sometimes appear there and on partner site FareDealAlert.com. These sites update the site throughout the day to find the hottest deals possible. The website gives tips on how to find the best dates, how to search for the flights, and sample dates. Note that, as the site warns, if a deal is more than two days old the deal is likely dead. I check this site frequently to make sure I don’t miss deals (and I post some on my BarrisTourista Facebook Page when I find one that is too good to pass up).



I have turned this website (Skyscanner.com) into a verb: “Oh, I haven’t Skyscanned today, let me check…” This website is magical and offers huge amounts of flexibility with just a few clicks. As mentioned in my previous post on this site, you can search “Everywhere” to find deals around the world or search by the cheapest dates in the next year. If I know I want to go somewhere, say over a holiday weekend, then I can just enter in my origin city and the dates and it searches for the cheapest flights anywhere in the world during that time period. It is a definite winner if you have flexibility on dates or destination…Or if you just want some adventure in your life in a random place.

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Secret Flying

SecretFlying.com is a great site for flight deals as well. Similar to The Flight Deal, they also have a lot of fare sales that are unannounced. But they also have a lot of flights within other parts of the world. They have a number of deals from Europe to other countries, not just flights originating in the United States. Just remember to add the “www.” before the website as sometimes it can be finicky.


Websites for Finding a Travel Deal

So there you have it. Top websites picks for scoring a great flight deal, from a travel blogger. Check these sites out and sound off on other sites that you think should make the A list.


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