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Yellow Tomato Catering review

Chef’s Tasting: Yellow Tomato Catering Review

I ate three helpings of the kale salad.

I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying. I ate three helpings of kale salad. It was absolutely fantastic… And I don’t even like kale. That is the beauty of Yellow Tomato Catering. They made me like kale.

Yellow Tomato Catering is a family-owned, mobile catering and foodie business based in Pasadena. They specialize in clean yet deliciously unique meals and Yellow Tomato was just featured in LA Travel Magazine. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down to a chef’s tasting with Alexandria Dotson, owner of Yellow Tomato, and I was not disappointed.

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Jardin de Balata

Photo Essay: Jardin de Balata Martinique

I didn’t learn about Jardin de Balata until I got to Martinique so it was really an afterthought. But this is not your typical botanical garden. It is a gorgeous, scenic oasis in Martinique that rivals the best gardens I have seen. I know very little about different types of flowers–except which ones I find pretty–so this post will be a photo essay, letting the beautiful pictures speak louder than words.

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black owned travel businesses

Black History Month Roundup: Black Owned Travel Businesses

In honor of Black History Month, we take a moment to recognize just a few of the Black-owned travel businesses. These businesses are located throughout the world and range from travel blogs and publications to tour companies to travel agencies to photographers. We also include travel accessories and luggage along with Black-owned foodie picks. So, if you are looking for black travel and foodie businesses to patronize, this is a great place to start. Here is our list.

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how to pack light

Tips & Tricks: How to Pack Light!

This week’s tip is on how to pack light. But this one is not a tip I can offer from firsthand experience LOL. I am not an expert nor even qualified to speak to you on this subject. So I called in the experts. Meet Roni Faida of The Travel Guru, who is a baggage handler at a major airline and knows a thing or two about packing light, and Kenna Williams, who travels to multiple countries on weeklong or 10-day trips with only a backpack. These are their recommendations.

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karambole tours

Martinique Karambole Tours Review

Martinique is a beautiful country with a unique culture and history. But driving can be a…challenge, to put it mildly. Between the scarcity of automatic vehicles (I don’t drive stick) and the, shall we say, veracity and technique of Martinique drivers, driving in the country was high on our priority list. Yet in order to view the island to the fullest, you need a car because cabs are exorbitant. Enter Karambole Tours.  

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Las Vegas For Families

Teen Travel Chat: A Guide to Las Vegas For Families

In this month’s Teen Travel Chat, our teen correspondent Brooke visited Las Vegas and shares why it is a perfect family destination. 

Las Vegas is filled with lots of things to do and see. The variety of sights, shows, activities, and restaurants is tremendous! If you plan a trip there for a week, like my family did, you will get a good taste of all there is to do in Las Vegas for families. This is a perfect vacation spot for anyone of all ages because there is something for everyone.

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How to Budget for Travel

Travel Tip: How to Budget for Travel

Many people think that travel is something that only the rich can do. They don’t believe that it can be extremely accessible for anyone. This is part of the reason that BarrisTourista publishes tips and tricks for saving money on travel…to show that travel is, indeed, doable. No matter what your budget is, here are five travel budget questions to consider so you can fuel your wanderlust and determine what is most important when you start to budget for travel.

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