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Daily Archives: November 29, 2015

Tourism Vancouver Experience Pass: Day 1

*The Media Experience Pass featured in this post was provided complimentary to media. All opinions are my own.

Vancouver is a city that had been piquing my interest for a while. Just north of the border, I realized I knew very little about the city other than the fact that it was supposed to be very cosmopolitan. As a child, we drove up from Seattle, had a quick lunch at the Hard Rock, and drove back down. That was the extent of my experience with the city.

So when I went a few months ago, I was looking forward to really exploring the city both from the standpoint of the usual attractions, but also from the local perspective.

I was able to partner with Tourism Vancouver to obtain a Media Experience Pass to explore all of the top-rated attractions that Vancouver had to offer. This is a amazing company that was my one-stop shop on this trip. It offers visitor’s guides, advice on activities, foodie recommendations, and even allows you to book excursions through their site. And I was able to jam quite a lot into two days, with the help and company of a local buddy who had insight on how best to tackle the city. So off we went. This is my account of day one.

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