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Daily Archives: October 2, 2015

Washington, D.C.: A Marvelously Historical Adventure

*From our teen correspondent, Brooke, in our monthly series, Teen Travel Chat.

I had never thought of Washington D.C. as a fun place to spend a vacation during the cold winter months, mostly because it is not tropical and there are no palm trees that await you once you arrive. To me, a vacation is somewhere warm…with pools, beaches, and palm trees. However, traveling to D.C. gave me a whole new appreciation for all of the nation’s rich history that the city shares with its visitors.

I traveled to D.C. with my classmates during the eighth grade. We took our trip during the brutal, winter months that leave D.C. covered in snow and ice. I personally recommend traveling to D.C. in the warmer months so you do not have to deal with the harsh, cold weather like I did (unless you’re up for that and that’s your thing, and if so, I have major respect for you). Despite the cold temperatures, Washington, D.C. was a really fun and enlightening experience. I got to travel on my own for the first time without my parents, and I also learned an incredible amount of information while being there.

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