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Daily Archives: June 21, 2015

The Rich Afro-Latino Culture of Panama

Panama’s a really wonderful country. There’s obviously the Panama Canal, which brings a lot of tourism, and a huge American influence; it’s just a mix of so many great things: African, Caribbean, Latin American Spanish, all kinds of influences there.

~J August Richards

I will admit, when I booked my trip to Panama, I didn’t know much about the country. The booking was caused by a change of plans, and the location was chosen on a bit of a whim. I knew, quite obviously, that a huge draw was the Panama Canal, that Panama City had supposedly become very metropolitan, and I knew I enjoyed neighboring Costa Rica. That was all I had when I booked.

So I decided a couple of weeks before leaving that I should perhaps look into this country I had just committed myself to visiting. A friend from a travel group I am in had a contact who lived there and put me in touch with him. And when I did some basic research, I realized that this country had some amazing cultural aspects that I wanted to explore. Another traveler from the travel group said she was going the same time I was, so we decided to explore together the country together.

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