BarrisTourista-7 Things to Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

7 Things to Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

I will be the first to admit that I am not #TeamCarryOn, so checked bags are a way of life for me. But even I know that there are certain things to never pack in your checked baggage. No one is perfect, and airlines clearly adhere to that rule. Employees are only human, and sometimes things get misplaced, put on the wrong plane, miss the flight, or even worse, get stolen. But there are simple ways you can avoid a bad situation by keeping certain items out of your checked baggage.

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BarrisTourista-Groupon Things To Do

Not Traveling? Go Local with Groupon Things To Do

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Look, not everyone can travel all of the time. Between my trips, I spent quite a bit of time at home. Enter Groupon. Since my recent trip to Europe, I have been trying to get out more and explore more of L.A., and given how much I have loved using Groupon in the past, I plan to accomplish this at a discount using Groupon Things To Do.

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BarrisTourista-Gus's Fried Chicken Plate

Gus’s Fried Chicken Hits Los Angeles

When my friend (shout out to Amber) told me she wanted to grab some fried chicken for Sunday lunch at a local spot that had, as she described, the best fried chicken she had ever had, I was skeptical. Then, I quickly remembered that my buddy is from the south, so I decided to give it a try. The spot was Gus’s Fried Chicken. Touted as world famous…and the chicken may just live up to the hype.

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sites for finding a travel deal

BarrisTourista’s Top Three Websites for Finding a Travel Deal

The idea is to travel fabulously but do it cheaply. I hate paying full price for things. So when I stumbled upon these three sites for finding a travel deal, I was super excited. There are others that are great sites as well, but here are the three picks that have helped me find unbeatable deals in the last year or so. And since so many people have been asking lately, we thought we would revive this oldie but goodie post to share my top three websites for finding a travel deal.

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BarrisTourista- 5 Ways America Should Be More Like Europe

5 Ways America Needs to Be More Like Europe

Having just spent two weeks in Europe in various countries and cultures, one thing has become clear to me: America is doing it wrong. Don’t get me wrong, America tends to get a lot of stuff right (though recently I have been questioning that assertion), but in some areas the Europeans have got the leg up on us. Here is a list of 5 ways America needs to be more like Europe.

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cuba visa requirements

So You Want to Go to Cuba? Visa Requirements

President Obama made a historic visit to Cuba earlier this year, and since that time, the relaxing of tensions between the U.S. and Cuba have sparked new interest in the country amongst travelers. Commercial flights are starting from various airports across the U.S., and the first Starwood property has opened its doors in Havana. But can just anybody hop a plane to Cuba? Before you book your ticket, it’s best that you learn about the Cuba visa requirements for travelers.

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Barristourista- Frequent Flier Sound Off Elias Pfeifer

Frequent Flier Sound Off: Elias Pfeifer

Ever bought a one-way ticket and ended up on a seven-month trip? In this month’s Frequent Flier Sound Off Elias Pfeifer details how he finally decided to save up and go, buying a one-way ticket to Central America…and not looking back. 


Name: Elias Pfeifer

Location: Pasto, Nariño, Colombia

Occupation: Teacher

Number of Countries Visited:15

Last Country Visited: Colombia (still here)

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BarrisTourista-Summer Family Vacation in Vegas Teen Travel Chat

Summertime Family Vacation in Las Vegas

This summer I returned to another familiar destination that I had been to once before. ‘Twas the vivacious, lively, wonderful Las Vegas for an encore visit. The last time my family visited was spring break of 2015.  This time around, we made it a summer trip. And boy was it hot!

I got to spend precious time with friends and family, revisit the Strip, see a Cirque Du Soleil show, eat some good food, explore, relax, and cool off in friends’ awesome pool to beat the heat. In addition to all of that, my sister and I made an appearance on the local news in Las Vegas thanks to the professional, charismatic, talented, and humble Krystal Allan!

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Layover Tours Graphic

Save Money with Free Layover Tours

Sometimes it can’t be helped. You have a super long connection time between flights. Or maybe you planned a long layover on purpose so that you could quickly explore a new city and country. Either way, some cities make it even easier for travelers who want to be explores by offering free layover tours. Check out some destinations where you can explore a new place and save money with free layover tours.

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Zika Virus Graphic

What You Need to Know About Zika Virus

The Olympics are fast approaching. Rio has been in the news for a number of issues surrounding the Olympics, one of which being the Zika virus outbreak. Many other countries are also seeing increasing numbers of cases as well. Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life is an M.D. who has written a comprehensive piece on what you need to know about Zika virus. Here is some crucial need-to-know information.
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