things to do before you travel

9 Things To Do Before You Travel

When you book a trip, planning is half of the fun. But while you are busy booking accommodations, planning activities, and packing, sometimes we lose sight of the logistics. Here is a checklist of things to do before you travel, some of which you may not even think of, but can change the whole trajectory of your trip.

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BarrisTourista- Bucket List Beasts Frequent Flier Sound Off Sonjia Lioness Mackey

Frequent Flier Sound Off: Sonjia ‘Lioness’ Mackey

This month’s Frequent Flier Sound Off features Sonjia “Lioness” Mackey, a beast! 

Name: Sonjia “Lioness” Mackey  

Location: “Home-Free” (I’m traveling domestically & internationally as I determine my next temporary home)!

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Owner/CEO of (Im)Possible Living, LLC, a travel and life inspiration company of which Bucket List Beasts is a segment

Number of Countries Visited: 66

Last Country Visited: Bolivia


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BarrisTourista-The Island Spot Negril Rum Punch

National Rum Month at The Island Spot’s New Rum Bar

As National Rum Month comes to a close, I am actually really disappointed in myself. I am sad to say that I didn’t indulge in nearly enough of the island spirit or its accompanying fruity cocktails. Rum is my liquor of choice, and I have snagged a number of varieties throughout the Caribbean. Seriously, nothing beats a good Caribbean rum, and for those of you in Dallas, you may want to hit up one of my favorite spots, The Island Spot, and try its new rum bar.

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BarrisTourista-7 Things to Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

7 Things to Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

I will be the first to admit that I am not #TeamCarryOn, so checked bags are a way of life for me. But even I know that there are certain things to never pack in your checked baggage. No one is perfect, and airlines clearly adhere to that rule. Employees are only human, and sometimes things get misplaced, put on the wrong plane, miss the flight, or even worse, get stolen. But there are simple ways you can avoid a bad situation by keeping certain items out of your checked baggage.

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BarrisTourista-Groupon Things To Do

Not Traveling? Go Local with Groupon Things To Do

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Look, not everyone can travel all of the time. Between my trips, I spent quite a bit of time at home. Enter Groupon. Since my recent trip to Europe, I have been trying to get out more and explore more of L.A., and given how much I have loved using Groupon in the past, I plan to accomplish this at a discount using Groupon Things To Do.

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BarrisTourista-Gus's Fried Chicken Plate

Gus’s Fried Chicken Hits Los Angeles

When my friend (shout out to Amber) told me she wanted to grab some fried chicken for Sunday lunch at a local spot that had, as she described, the best fried chicken she had ever had, I was skeptical. Then, I quickly remembered that my buddy is from the south, so I decided to give it a try. The spot was Gus’s Fried Chicken. Touted as world famous…and the chicken may just live up to the hype.

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sites for finding a travel deal

BarrisTourista’s Top Three Websites for Finding a Travel Deal

The idea is to travel fabulously but do it cheaply. I hate paying full price for things. So when I stumbled upon these three sites for finding a travel deal, I was super excited. There are others that are great sites as well, but here are the three picks that have helped me find unbeatable deals in the last year or so. And since so many people have been asking lately, we thought we would revive this oldie but goodie post to share my top three websites for finding a travel deal.

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